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Comment Re:Not this shit again... (Score 2) 392

That's not "average". That's the lowest common denominator. Plenty of creative people aren't programmers. There is a whole spectrum of users put there.

Or did you miss that whole MySpace thing, when everyone and their dog was embedding HTML in their little corner of the web? It wasn't pretty, but there's no denying there was demand.

Comment Re:Change cannot be stopped (Score 1) 318

There really needs to be a preservation/orphan works clause in our copyright laws to prevent stuff from being lost to the ages.

It saddens me that we have the technology to keep our knowledge and art alive for eternity, yet we have laws that almost guarantee it won't survive... not without corporate sponsorship, anyway.

Comment Re:Copyright is main US industry, while not others (Score 5, Informative) 293

It's also understandable why US tried to fight for copyrights so much - that's basically the only thing they produce now.

Although I share your worry that the US will become an IP-based economy, there's still a long way to go before that happens.

Manufacturing and trade still dwarf other the information and entertainment sectors:|21|22|23|31-33|42|44-45|48-49|51|52|53|54|55|56|61|62|71|72|81&-ib_type=NAICS2007&NAICS2007sector=*2&-geo_id=01000US&-dataitem=RCPTOT|GEO_ID$|NAICS2007|NAICS2007$|OPTAX$|FOOTID|ESTAB|PAYANN|EMP|NESTAB|NRCPTOT&-_lang=en
(Sorry link got FUBAR, paste it manually if you want to see it.)

The US also remains the world's largest manufacturer:
(Sorry to have to link to a blog, but the reference in the post is a dead link.)

Comment Re:FOSS costs jobs. (Score 1) 85

The only measure of economic prosperity that matters is actual resources (goods and services with real value) produced. FOSS does this.

Measuring economic prosperity by numbers of jobs is the kind of backwards thinking that artificial scarcity encourages.

No doubt your great-grandfather was up in arms about horseless carriages putting horses out of work.

Comment Tricorder not a doctor replacement (Score 1) 167

It was a tool, albeit a very advanced one. They still had doctors in Star Trek, so that should tell you something. I never got the impression that tricorders had any AI capabilities - though maybe it could use the results of a general test to choose some more specific tests to run.

The prize criteria set the bar WAY too high, IMO.

Comment Re:"an online community so well-supported that..." (Score 1) 159

I assume you mean the door in "We Are Not Alone". I got caught by this bug too.

There's several workarounds for it. Here's the one that I used (uses noclip):

I hope there's an official fix for this soon, but I'm not holding my breath. They'll probably finish Episode 3 before they get a patch done. -_-

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