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Comment Re:huh?!?! (Score 1) 272

Not really, he didn't explicitly state that the old hard drive had to be thrown out. It could be sold or donated to someone else while you buy a new hard drive.

The broken glass fallacy also fails to take into account that idle money is also not beneficial to the economy as Keynesianism economics describes.

Comment San Jose area (Score 4, Informative) 363

When I was in California with my wife, we went to The Tech ( and the Intel museum (

We found the Tech interesting and wish we had more time to see it (we got there a couple hours before closing), the Intel museum wasn't anything special and could probably be skipped unless you really like looking at old silicon wafers or can't miss the opportunity to wear one of those bunny suits for a photo op.

Comment Re:Confused (Score 2) 319

He could be referring to the .designer classes that are made when you use the form designer tools, or some of the convenient templates. I would argue back that typing tons of tedious repetitive code doesn't make you a better programmer - QT Designer and Eclipse provide the same shortcuts for the same reasons.

Comment Re:Security risk...sure. (Score 1) 198

People who think they can convey sarcasm in printed text usually do not have the talent to carry it off. It is almost impossible to do in a brief post. People who think sarcasm is clever are not that clever. People who say "you missed the sarcasm" in such a case are merely tiresome.

I picked it up. Perhaps it's cultural but the phrase "Cause you know that make sense" just reeks of sarcasm, and the ellipses makes it even more obvious. - not sarcasm.

Comment Re:An alternative: (Score 1) 413

A little bit of overkill when X support would still exist. The ongoing kwin project which makes this possible was to abstract the composting from the rest of kwin so that people could choose which compositor to use. The first example is OpenGL ES vs OpenGL 2, which currently has to be compiled separately but in 4.8 will be a runtime option.

(The story is focusing on Martin's KWin talk so I'm addressing that aspect)

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