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Comment Viruses running as threads and interrupt handelers (Score 2, Interesting) 835

This is a scary thought that might be relevant. Wired recently published an interview with a repentant spyware author who mentioned that they had figured out how to run the virus as a series of discrete threads which are not running as part of any parent process, something that Windows evidently allows. He also stated that they considered using a completely threadless model, by installing the code as an interrupt handler. Just tie it to an interrupt that regularly fires, and their code runs in an utterly transparent manner - something Windows also allows. The guy claimed that they didn't actually do the interrupt trick. But the frightening think was that it is even possible. I have no doubt that someone will do it eventually.

Comment Re:Palantype, Velotype, Stenotype (Score 1) 663

Close. Brainless troubleshooting-tree-following monkeys. You know, like when you call tech support on an "everything's covered" service plan, and tell them "My computer was struck by lightening and the motherboard is quite literally fried", and they ask, "Is the green light lit up on your monitor?"

Yeah, forgot to capitalize the noun.

Comment Re:I tried Dvorak once (Score 1) 663

You should see people freak out when they try to type on my Das Keyboard II, with the Dvorak layout activated.

But to your point: I recently learned to type fully pointed Hebrew using a layout designed for academic work (SBL Tiro, FYI. It is based upon the modern Hebrew typewriter layout). Not having the keycaps, I avoided making incorrect associations between English and Hebrew letters. I'm reaching for a daleth or a gimel now, and not a D or a G.

Comment Re:it will never die... (Score 1) 663

I predict that people will still support the Dvorak layout for years to come, regardless of evidence for or against it's usefulness based purly off being differnt or a desire to believe that stupidity stops people from seeing Dvorak's improvements and thus anyone who does use the layout is a better human being.

And as long as there are Dvorak users around, there will be people like you who cannot tolerate the existence of happy non-conformists, and feel obligated to get in their face. And when they happily tell you, "I'm fine, thank you. Now piss off," you can feel content that there are people in the world obviously more ignorant than you.

Comment Re:Firefox extension? (Score 1) 308

“Absolutely” it is possible — if the Chrome developers would do something so utterly foolish as to spend hundreds of hours writing an API emulation layer for Chrome, add tons of hooks into the base browser code to support the emulation layer, add massive code bloat, slow the browser, find some way to make this jive with their multiple-process execution model, probably only work with a limited number of extensions, and saddle everything they do to the design decisions that Mozilla may make in the future. In short, yeah, if they re-write Chrome to be no different than Firefox, and thus erase it's entire reason for existing, it would work.

How in blazes are “installed by the end user” and “deeply tied to Mozilla's internal API” contradictory? Do you even know what an XPI is? Evidently not. Go Google it and stop making such a fool out of yourself.

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