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Comment Re:Eh... (Score 1) 187

17 Year old and a 14 Year old actually, they both have part time jobs that pay the way (and before working age? If you arnt prepared to mow lawns or clean cars? you dont deserve the game). Both allowed unrestricted access. As far as I'm concerned, if the child is mature enough to be playing an online game in the first place, they are mature enough to have been taught to cope with anything the internet can throw at them. Think of it as the defensive programming approach to raising children.

And at the big family gathering on Boxing day, Laptops, Even low end Laptops seem to be coming with reasonable 3D acceleration nowadays, I've been playing Fallout 3 (Speaking of which, my heart goes out to the console users without all these great mods available, I'd be royally pissed off if I couldn't fix many of the glaring problems. Now its just a mild irritation) on my new laptop with surprising ease.

LAN networking can be achieved with a £5 piece of networking hardware, and I cannot recall once having a group gaming session without having a net connection.

And yes, there are some console games that are played on one screen. That's why I keep the consoles about, and those are the games (plus exclusives) that I buy for them. It is still my opinion that for cross platform, PC=>Console 90% of the time.

And Worms *Is* an awesome game, not was ;)

Comment Re:Eh... (Score 1) 187

We don't, Single player games are installed and shared, and online games are purchased by all. Used to No-CD games for LAN but if its worth playing on a LAN, its likely worthy of online play.

Same as with a console, although there are a few games playable online with splitscreen, There aren't many that interest me (or AFAIK, in the first place, I enjoy Co-Op play, but consoles seem to be lacking recently)

Comment Re:Eh... (Score 4, Informative) 187

You plug it in, turn it on, drop in the CD/DVD/cartridge and it works.
No half hour installations, needles restarts, patches that take several hours to download and install...

You evidently haven't used a console recently, I've experienced all of the above with mine.

Not to mention the fact that my 4 month old 360's DVD drive decided to die recently. Now I have to piss about with Microsoft getting the console replaced. If that takes 2-3 weeks, I've lost 2-3 weeks of gaming. It usually takes me on average 30 mins to install a pc game&patch (10 hours a year), and a day to get a new DVD drive, I can live with that.

As far as needing to buy new hardware for new games? I buy a new gaming PC every 4 years, Halfway through my third cycle. I have *Never* needed to buy hardware to play a new game (Excluding of course, the rise of 3D Graphics-Once). I've had to turn settings down a couple of times, but never to the point where poor graphics interfere with gameplay ( In COD4 multiplayer I used to keep all settings low out of preference, not need)

I Spend £500 every 4 years. Even if every PC game I bought was available on the consoles I'd spend WAY more on the extra cost of console games (20 Games a year average, £10 extra cost due to console tax is £800 extra, not including the cost of the console)

I Spend a LOT more money per console in the long run than I do on my gaming PC, despite playing about the same of games on all of them.

Consoles are good, So are PCs. Your arguments alas, are not.

Comment shapes are key (Score 1) 895

a shape is a great way, for example

p0o9i8u - it looks random, but if you type it out, its a zig zag from p-u (And help her remember, its Pu!)

all sorts of shapes can be used, zig zags are best but a circle can be good too- and you can always hold shift for the first/last two letters for capitals etc)
Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Mature Games Discussion?

Tainek writes: "Everywhere i go it seems discussion boards based around gaming seem to be infested with immature (and i mean immature and not young) members&Trolls. Is there any refuge for gamers who want a mature, thought out discussions about video gaming in all its forms? I fear the fanboys will soon consume me..."

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