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Submission + - Facebook shuts down Page that exposes scams ( 1

memojuez writes: In a bizarre and hard-to-understand move, a Facebook page which claims it helped countless Facebook members stay safe online on the social network has been shut down... by Facebook

The pages founder wonders, "What we can not understand is why Facebook removed a real help group and yet there are thousands of rogue applications, thousands of hate filled pages, thousand of fake profiles. We are as real as it gets and get shut down."

Comment Re:I'm sure it's coming eventually (Score 1) 154

Ah okay, well I haven't had my GPU destroy itself yet, but I purchased a cheap USB cooling fan for the back of the Wii. I wasn't sure if it actually works to prevent that type of issue, but if you are on your 3rd Wii and I'm still on my first, it's either luck or it does indeed work. You may want to check that out at an attempt to prolong your Wii's life assuming you still use it often enough to worry about it.


Submission + - Japan Nuclear Disaster Put on Par With Chernobyl (

syngularyx writes: Here we are...
"TOKYO — Japan has raised its assessment of the accident at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant to the worst rating on an international scale, putting the disaster on par with the 1986 Chernobyl explosion, the Japanese nuclear regulatory agency said on Tuesday. "

Comment black shadows moving, not connected + static (Score 1) 345

I think of myself as agnostic. I'm unsure how much of what I've experienced is explainable by science, caused by imagination or over thinking, and perhaps influenced by others who had more belief in a higher power than I did/do. Below is about what I called the energy ball and black shadows that seemed free from touching objects that would cast shadows.

Energy Ball

Back in my jr high school years (12/13 yrs old) and in an area where the closest city with more than 15000 people was roughly 30 miles away from the county, I experimented with meditation that left me questioning the typical placement of your hands. I ended up holding my hands out in front of me like a prayer with my hands held parallel to my lap and my hands about an inch apart. After meditating like that for 15 minutes or so, I felt a tingle sensation or two that I hadn't been expecting between my hands. Instead of trying to blank my mind I focused on that feeling between my hands which then grew.

I was always the silly/corny humor type around girls. So when I suggested to a few them that I put their hand between mine, they thought it odd, but i was a silly guy anyway so why not. There was the obvious girl that giggled at everything, and a few others whom I had tried to tickle the normal way and were not very ticklish or if they were ticklish were very minor compared to the girl who giggled about everything. When their hand was placed between mine 3 of them found it tickled them. Even into the wrist and forearm. The other girl said she felt something but it wasn't tickling her. When I got to her forearm, it turned into a very sharp static shock. When I think back on it, that seems to be more obvious that it was static based because of the girl that shocked (or at least I think it was a shock like static electricity; however, I hadn't felt a shock myself - just the sensation between my hands), but I do find it curious of the girls that said it was ticklish. Was it because it was flirting or a weird situation for them? Are their instances where static electricity would tickle?

As I got older, I kept trying to understand the feeling between my hands and I was told by a few people who were pagan, wiccan, or a mix of the two that you could mold and use for shields to protect against demons, which i didn't and still don't believe in by the way, but these people did and perhaps still do. Upon the suggestion of one of them, three of us combined our hands to form a cube and focused on creating that feeling between our hands. What resulted was the feeling of a tornado or some or rapid moving of a chaotic thick wind if you will. it was very interesting feeling and I'm not sure how static electricity would play into that, but it is what I felt.

Black Shadows

I suppose I was about 16 or 17 (driving age for where I lived) when one of the group from above decided to drive me around in an attempt to prove that demons and other things exist. It, for the most part, was a waste of time, but I found it interesting as I was still exploring other people's beliefs at the time to get an idea of where I stood (Christianity, Wicca, atheism, etc. One day, when we were driving around we had stopped at a dock that was secluded. There were a lot of trees around and the lot itself was about 30 yards square. It was there that I saw my first black shadow that was seemingly very dark for a moon lit night and still. After the one showing me being excited and pointing it out and rambling for a few minutes, I noticed that the shadow seemed to have started to gliding towards us. The shadow was human shaped, but fuzzy on the outlines of it. The bottom did not seem to fully touch the ground. The middle of the shadow seemed to have depth to it instead of the flatness one comes to expect from shadows that lay on the ground; however, this shadow was not laying on the ground. It was vertical. I'd say from my memory that it was roughly 7 feet high. We left before it got too close.

I was intrigued by what I had seen. I was also in disbelief. So when i finally got the chance, I drove around to secluded but public portions of the town such as a football field, a couple of the parks, hay fields, etc. Once in awhile I would find another. They were not all the same width or height, but they all resembled human form. I'd say in the year or two I was looking for them, I saw 6 or 7 of these shadows. When I saw them and even sometimes before, the hair on my neck would stand up. I wasn't so much scared as I was curious about them; however, I never dared to walk up to them. One day, I took a friend with me who at the time was not into paranormal or wicca type beliefs to get them to verify what I had been seeing. At the football field of our high school, we had found a gate that lead into the field, which was normally locked at night, unlocked. We ventured in. I did not see it first. She did. This particular black shadow was huge. It was still human form in that it seemed to have a head, arms, and legs, but the width of each was monstrous. We verified the size of it we each saw so that we could believe a bit more of what we were seeing. This shadow was roughly 20 yards wide and 30 yards tall (perhaps not this big, but it seemed like it). The moon was only half full, but the stars were also unclouded, which together provided enough light to reassure us it wasn't connected to anything. We must have stood there for 5 minutes talking about it. Finally, I walked slowly forward toward the shadow, which was roughly 50 yards away, as she made me feel a little braver tonight. It wasn't long after I had started to move forward that the shadow seemed to have finally started to glide forth. She rushed to grab my arm and pulled me back. She claimed she had felt some pain in one of her arms as we went back to the car. She showed me her arm when I dropped her off that she had a bruise on the spot she claimed she felt pain. I don't know if she was pulling my leg or if she was fooling herself about a bruise that was already there.

These days I'm not sure if what I saw was real even though all of the trouble I went to verify that I was indeed seeing those black shadows that seemed to be more than just shadows; however, as far as the energy ball is concerned, I can still create the feeling between my hands. I'm comfortable calling it static electricity that i some how create or experience simply by meditating and focusing on the feeling that is seemingly created from static or another type of energy between my hands.


Submission + - Tractor beams are getting closer, sort of (

xt writes: A recently submitted paper in arXiv claims that by using Bessel beams it is theoretically possible to pull particles towards the light source, opening up new avenues for optical micromanipulation (the direction of the force is size dependent, so it could be used for particle sorting). There is also a simpler article translated in English (original article in Greek).

Submission + - Why WikiLeaks' Fundraising Deceives Supporters (

Stoobalou writes: Thinq has an interesting piece on WikiLeaks fund-raising and how it seems that cash intended to support the whistle-blowing site's day-to-day operation is being quietly diverted to support founder Julian Assange's legal battle against rape allegations.

Submission + - Amelia Earhart search mystery continues (

Anonymous Coward writes: "Researchers have reported that analysis of a bone fragment that could conceivably be from missing pilot Amelia Earhart’s finger are, to date, inconclusive. Cecil Lewis Jr. of the University of Oklahoma's Molecular Anthropology Laboratories said "the question of whether the bone is human must remain unanswered"."

Submission + - Google Pulls 21 Android Apps with Trojan Rootkits (

suraj.sun writes: Thanks to a tip-off by a redditor, and some investigation by Android Police ( ), Google has pulled 21 Android Market apps that were infected with a backdoor Trojan rootkit. If you downloaded any of the infected apps, they will be automatically deleted from your phone.

The attack vector was ingenious, and plays on the Android Market's biggest weakness: the almost complete absence of app moderation. The nefarious developer crafted 21 apps that share the name of legitimate apps (such as 'Chess'), and into each of them he inserted some Trojan code. The apps then quietly report your sensitive data back to a remote server, while you play with your free app.

Download Squad:

Android Police:

Submission + - U.S. Bans Marijuana Substitute 'Fake Pot' Chemical (

Anonymous Coward writes: "The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) said it has temporarily banned five chemicals used to make so-called "fake pot" products, perceived as "legal" alternatives to marijuana. According to the DEA, these substances, known as synthetic cannabinoids, are biologically similar to THC, the active chemical in marijuana."

Submission + - SCO found no source code in 2004 (

doperative writes: A consultant hired by SCO in 2004 to compare UNIX and Linux, with the thought he could be used as an expert at trial, says that, after days and days, his comparison tool found "very little correlation". When he told that to SCO, it paid him and he never heard from SCO again.

Submission + - World's Most Powerful Optical Microscope (

gamricstone writes: Scientists have produced the world's most powerful optical microscope, which could help understand the causes of many viruses and diseases. Previously, the standard optical microscope can only see items around one micrometre — 0.001 millimetres — clearly. But now, by combining an optical microscope with a transparent microsphere, dubbed the 'microsphere nanoscope', the Manchester researchers can see 20 times smaller — 50 nanometres ((5 x 10-8m) — under normal lights. This is beyond the theoretical limit of optical microscopy. "Seeing inside a cell directly without dying and seeing living viruses directly could revolutionize the way cells are studied and allow us to examine closely viruses and biomedicine for the first time."

Comment Re:The problem is people (Score 1) 409

You should have also added that they need a rule that says the passwords can't be similar so that the users can't do this for the next 20 passwords:
EasyPassword06!@ ... etc

An even better rule might be to force them to use randomly generated passwords instead of letting them decide their own passwords.

But as long as you allow them to handle usernames and passwords as their method of logging onto a network, you will all ways be vulnerable due to someone writing their passwords down where others can eventually read them.

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