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Comment Re:Well of course (Score 2, Informative) 436

Those "Uncivilized Savages" happened to give us:
The Scientific Method, Fountain Pen, Windmills, irrigation, the first eye surgeries, mathematical proofs, numerous advances in algebra, calculus, geometry; they practically invented chemistry... It goes on and on.


Their current oppressive regime problems happen to date back to the 1870's to 1950's (and on until now) thanks to intervention by "Civilized nations" like France, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The Ottoman empire, while by today's standards not exactly enlightened, had an extremely effective method of dealing with diverse populations and religions within it own borders - Jews moved there to flee from Christian persecution in Spain, for example.


Get out in the world and learn a bit about the Middle East - Its an intensely fascinating place that has been the center of so many things and events in our world, and deserves better then "Uncivilized Savages".

IAAMEH (I am a Middle Eastern Historian)

Comment Re:Marriage kernel 0.01, suitable for hackers only (Score 1) 1146

There is no stock "off the shelf" marriage; every marriage is self-built, like Linux kernel 0.01.

You must learn to modify the source to fix problems that come up. There is no manual, and although there is a large user community, all of them have different systems, and consequently may give you bad advice. At least you have a co-author to help you.

Here is one piece of advice. Neither of you should play timesink online games, such as MMOs, unless you do it together or set clear boundaries about the times when you will play. Otherwise you or your wife will use those games to escape the marriage when it becomes difficult, and avoiding problems will make them worse.

can you explain this in a car analogy?

Comment Re:Can a Slashdot pilot tell us . . . (Score 2, Informative) 101

If your flying "general aviation" (private flying, non-commercial), then the answer is no. Once your in the air, the ATC doesn't talk with you. General Aviation does its own thing once their airborne. General Aviation pilots just have to stay out of restricted airspace that is used for commerical, controlled-by-ATC flights. As to filing a flight path, I'm not sure whether General Aviation has to do that or not, but I am pretty sure the FAA wouldn't give them a warning based on what they filed. It's up to the pilots to make sure the area they are going to be flying in is safe, not anyone else.

Comment Air Traffic Control (Score 1) 276

Even if hackers/governments were to bring down an Air traffic control system, the chances anybody would die are slim. At least in the USA, approach controls are still equipped with old-school battery radios, and will land the planes that way. Occasionally they do it this way now, from freak system outages, etc.

Comment Re:Childish (Score 1) 550

yes, I am a Middle East/Islam historian Stop spreading lies.

Some of what your saying is true for a very small subset of the Islamic faith. On the whole however you are very wrong. Read up on the Islamic concept of People of the Book. In a nutshell it states that Jews and Christians, because they are sons of Abraham, like Muslims, are not as pure as Muslims, but that conversion ISNT necessary. You put a link to Muslim conquests but you made the mistake of assuming that meant conversion. If you read the wiki link you posted, you might have noticed this

"for example Jews and Christians in Persia and Monophysites in Syria, were disloyal and sometimes even welcomed the Arab invaders, largely because of religious conflict in both empires."

Islam did not become at all violent against Christians or Jews until after the crusades. Even then, it was an effort for the Islamic leaders of the time to get their people to fight against Christians, even through they were BEING INVADED. Modern hatred towards the west is based upon the actions of our countries during the past 100 years, especially the creation of a Jewish state on land that had been peacefully Arab for 1400 years. Thanks for playing, through.

Comment Re:Enact the assault sword ban! (Score 1) 579

Hijackings prior to 9/11 did not usually involve the plane being used as a weapon itself. It's easy now to say "stupid passengers should have stopped them, stupid government should have shot them down" but the reality is that before 9/11 the best way to handle a hijacking was to let the hijacker do whatever he wanted, because the plane would eventually land, and then they could be arrested. Go read about some hijackings before September 11th, and you will see why.

Before 9/11 hijackers had goals that INVOLVED SURVIVING.

Comment Re:Do yourself a favor (Score 1) 504

Thanks for the advice, but I'm a history major not a oceanographer, and the interesting part of my voyage are the ports with tons of history (Istanbul, Alexandria, Hong Kong, Kyoto, etc.)

The boat is just my way of getting there, not the point of the trip. Sea semester sounds awesome if your into boating however.

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