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Comment Mate on Mint = Awesome (Score 4, Interesting) 129

I switched to Mint when Ubuntu forced Gnome 3/Unity on me. Been extremely happy except one big issue. Mate uses GTK 2 but newer apps use GTK 3, so you get stuck in this world of mixed themes that looks bad. Found a nice gtk 2/3 clearlooks compatible theme, so I end up with Mate DM with GTK 3 apps looking normal again. Best thing, Compiz still works...

While I'm very grateful of what Canonical has done for the Linux community and have paid for services and software to show my support, I cant take the design choices or direction the company has went seriously. Gnome 3 has chosen a new direction, one that I don't need or want. Ubuntu is embracing that direction.

Mint right now is the best balance I can find out there. Keeps the popular Ubuntu base, but with Mint or Cinnamon DE which is hands down superior to Gnome 3 for the desktop.

Comment Re:So outdated! (Score 1) 129

No doubt. You have dual 27 inch monitors you really want that MP3 on the lock screen! You also want to run all your apps in full screen, you have 2 monitors, 1 app per screen. Functionality and user friendly interfaces died at gnome 2, its gnome 3 and unity baby. The future is NOW!. Don't you read the gnome3 blogs?!?

Comment Re:if you saw an open bank vault (Score 1) 124

Going to have to disagree, you can talk about anything you see in normally. If you opened the bank vault door first then yell its open, then you are guilty.

This guy reported a hack he found poking around, that's a crime. If he reported a hack he found while doing normal transaction, then its not a crime. I think its pretty easy to tell the difference.. Buffer overflows and exploits are not normal transactions. This is what makes the difference between white and black hat hackers. White hat doesn't perform intrusion without authorization. They can perform analysis on normal transactions, thus no law is being broke, as you are authorized for "normal use".

Comment LMDE - Linux Mint Debian Edition (Score 1) 295

Been using mint debian edition as my daily desktop for awhile. I'm really loving the polish and look of Mate on Mint. Went with the debian edition as I'm tired of Ubuntu and its anti competitive behavior. But the biggest issue I'm running is neither are rolling releases. I have a mixed LMDE and Debian testing running which has been mostly ok.

Also, running mate which is based grtk2 you have to use a theme that looks good on gtk2 & gtrk3.

I see the mate team talking about moving to gtk3, but no idea if its really being worked on or not. And compiz being decommissioned and having to be forked, its incredibly frustrating. Gnome3 is not an option, cinnamon might be. Mate just works the way I want.

Comment Non Lethal Weapons (Score 1) 572

Too much abuse with tasers by police, and the thought of pain generators used on peaceful protestors seems like a logical extension of the attitude that citizens have no rights. Rubber bullets ripping through peoples faces and tear gas burning children alive. Society no longer deals with situations, we force it to a bloody end.

Oh, and Neuticles, testicle replacements for dogs.

Comment Re:Iterations (Score 3, Insightful) 327

So true, on a 30 inch monitor, gnome3 is unusable and a pain in the ass to use. But its build for tablets, even the gnome developers admitted it. Music player on lock screen? Tablet feature. Good portion of my developers at work are still using 10.04 due to gnome 3 and ubuntu unity fiasco. Those not using linux use osx.

Never liked unified menus, hated it with office, hated it with gnome3 and osx.

Comment Did they learn their lesson yet? (Score 1) 504

Gnome and Microsoft know tablets are the new hotness, so they are forcing us to switch to a tablet optimized interfaces. One major problem, Most of us are not using it on tablets. Now that gnome has had its backlash and microsoft is getting their earful of leaving the default gui everyone likes alone, a task bar (with clock and quick launch), task manager, and app tray. We can get back to implementing new features and not messing with users experience in working.

Its like getting in a car, and the steering wheel and pedals are gone, first thing a person does in an accident will be stomp their foot on the floor pedal break, which will be missing. Muscle memory.

I will say, even Android is pushing its annoyance limits on newer versions, moving settings around where if your a long term android user you expect settings and buttons in one location and its moved. It can be a little annoying when you cant find something. Messing with peoples routine memory is annoying and actually infuriates people.

Comment Elvish... (Score 1) 475

So, an analogy. Books are copywriteable and languages they are written in are not copywriteable. Supporting the whole SSO (structure, sequence and organization) idea. The words layout is the structure thus the finished book are copyrighted, the words themselves are not.

I could take Moby Dick (its public domain now) and transpose it into Elvish (which is copyrighted) and the finished work would still be public domain.

Also, this would be the common idea with lawsuits against laws and municiple codes being put online. These books formatting are copyrighted (the courts said). Thus people manually typing the laws into public websites to get around punication and format in the published books is permitted. (Kinda like copied code).

Interesting all around.

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