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Comment Eeek... (Score 4, Interesting) 204

Ive been a long time ubuntu user, and with the ubuntu unity/gnome fiasco I've been looking at going back to SuSE or even switch to Fedora since I work on redhat boxes all day.

But I decided to go with Mint, and with the extensions installed, its back to what Gnome 3 should have been. I do like being able to reload the desktop without closing my apps, and the looking glass debugger is a nice touch. I think now that extensions are out, and distros can start using them again, Ubuntu will make a comback. But now that I'm switched to Mint, its basically Ubuntu with the better desktop, I might not go back.

I just wish the gnome extensions were installed by default, so people didnt have to learn about them 2nd hand after they already get pissed off at a crippled and funny looking desktop.

Comment Stopping the bad press. (Score 4, Interesting) 242

This has nothing to do with safety, this is to mute the press. The press follows the scanner conversations to report on all accidents and incidents. With police hiding records and conversations due to lawsuits, we dont need more "hidden" police communications, we them open to keep them honest.

Its bad enough the PR for police is on TV, almost 1/2 of the line up are some cop based shows, perfect cops fighting evil criminals.

In reality, we have a growing movement in the US to keep police honest due to the mega lawsuits in almost every major city. I'm in Seattle, and the police abuse is way out of hand here. The internal coverups, the blue code of silence, the getting ride of whistle blowers, the incompetent police are costing this state with awards and settlements in the millions. Its also sad that the state budget hides these lawsuits. The most open lawsuit loses, department of transportation, they list every payout in our budget. We need that detail for police.

Comment Google+ (Score -1, Troll) 321

My favorite introduction to Google plus was it scanning my gmails, then asking me if I want to add my ex-wife. WTF?! is wrong with you Google?!

Lets not even get into the lack of public groups/circles, what a fiasco. I'm not going to add 500+ people individually to make a group.

This is almost on par of Google Wave, waited weeks to get in, and nobody was on to make it useful. Google killed it off by a horrible launch. This time its a horrible lunch and major flaws. I like Google, but too many people are giving undo fan praise and not real evaluation of the product.

Comment Because (Score 1) 191

Getting a warrant is too damn hard!

Yeah, not going to buy that excuse, not with the number of no-knock search warrants issued every day with no probable cause. Its pretty bad the people we want to protect our rights are fighting to remove them. What's next, my Doctor giving me a prescription for dorritos and beer?!

Comment Interesting. (Score 1) 300

Companies have been burning the worker for years, we have so many exec's who rob a company blind, sell it off, while all the employees are screwed.
This time its the VC's to the execs, but the execs have excellent lawyers, but is it illegal? Sounds like it is.

Guess when wall street killed the middle class, the next logical victim is the execs.

Maybe the execs should unionize. ;)

*Amusing sidenote, firefox doesn't have unionize in its spell check.


Submission + - Prisoner tells all via FB Page. (

retech writes: An inmate doing 30 yrs shows the world via facebook just what it's like to do hard time. Of course this is with a bong, a stash of weed and all manner of party items that prisoners are not supposed to have.

Comment Re:This was always my biggest problem with Linux (Score 1) 603

The Not-Me posts are amusingly standard in any topic of performance issues on linux. Thus this patch shows visually in the videos what people have been talking about and ridiculed for posting about slow performance issues. Performance issues are real, but the whole circle jerk posts that there are no performance issues on linux, are yet again, proven wrong.

Comment Taxes (Score 1) 761

This is why I get annoyed at the liberals who think we need to pay more taxes. The layoff of police officers show how personal freedoms are up when police forces are downsized.

Of course, prime tv seems to be police PR gone crazy, seems like 60-70% of new shows are cop or legal shows.


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