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Comment Re:Why I picked 50+ years? Look at hybrids & t (Score 1) 472

Tipping point will be ten years. Once they have proved themselves, their insurance rates will drop. The first picture of someone in their back seat tweeting while it drives themselves will have nearly everyone wanting them.

Don't underestimate the increased tech curve, as well as the fact the 15 million cars are sold in the US every year.

While I"m not sure why you are mixing vastly different technologies, but you can get a self braking collision detecting hybrid right now for 30K.

Comment Re:Define Most (Score 1) 472

Too many people don't like driving, especially in traffic. The value to having free time is extremely high in the US.
No tickets, less fuel costs, more time for entertainment, no more distracted driving, Less driving, no need to find a parking spot, you can send t off to maintenance by itself, pick up the kids without you, drop you off at the airport.

Then add any delivery company into that mix. Every UPS/FED- EX/Pizza delivery place will love them. Long haul trucking? no more drivers.

The robot war is coming, and it will be an economic one we will fight amongst ourselves.

Comment Re:Not really a technical problem (Score 1) 472

"1/ Who is responsible for the eventual accident? Will it be operator of the computer or the programmer?"
They same as now. If something fails in a car today, it's your fault unless it's a defect. If it's becasue you ren't paying attention? then generally your fauls.
Of course, the VAST majority of accident are becasue someone isn't paying attention. That kind of goes away with the automated care. IN all likely hood, the person driving themselves is likely to be at fault.
This issue is solved.

"2/ Even if the computer is flawless, it does not guarantee that the OTHER DRIVERS will be flawless. Shit will happen. What happens if an automated car crashes into another automated car? Who decides whose algorithm/program is at fault?"
By your definition that won't happen. In your example, it involves to flawless systems.

"3/ Who is going to be sued if the automated car kills someone? The computer programmer, the one who installs it, the one who builds the car, or all of the above?"
The sam people wha re sued now. If it's a manufactured defect, then the car compnay. IF it's a mantenance issu, then the owner,

"4/ Who is going to insure an automated car? The only reason an insurance company will insure something is that SOMEONE is responsible for monthly payments and they can vindicate someone else if something goes wrong. I have yet to see an insurance company insure a computer program."
you'll get a discount if you're care is self driving, becasue the likely hood of accident drops, dramatically.
Why do you act like insurance companies don't know how to asses risk?
Automate aircraft are insured.

BTW, you cna get anything insured, including a computer program.

Comment Re:Self-driving cars, flying cars, ... (Score 1) 472

Way to lump in grossly different tech with grossly different hurdles(some fictional)

we have self driving cars and they are performing above and beyond.

Also, we have AI. at least as it was defined 30 years ago. Every-time a bit is understood and implemented the definition of AI changes to exclude that bit.
We have computer that change generate algorithm based solely on input, we have system the determine what you are most likely to want, we have system that can forecast what you will do tomorrow, and next week and next year pretty accurately.

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