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Comment Re:Romance and Erotica is not the same (Score 5, Informative) 548

Someone was clearly brain damaged by high school. MOST literature contains sex. Certainly nearly all of the good stuff. This is because most humans have sex in their lives. It makes it important in narratives about humans. Joyce's Ulysses includes a guy masturbating in the bushes while perving on a cripple and a vivid description of a rimjob. Gravity's Rainbow is basically a 760 page dick joke. The Sound and the Fury is all about how women's liberation (promiscuity in Faulkner's mind) affected Southern men. McCarthy's Child of God has graphic descriptions of necrophilia. Very few major novels since the 1950s have been vague about sex. Even before then it was almost always there (what did you think the entire conflict of The Sun Also Rises was, or Dorian Gray, or Whitman's poetry?), it just wasn't as explicit or graphic.

Comment Re:Update? (Score 2) 68

Swamp gas refracting the light from Venus? Definitely not a supernova though. Those last much longer than a second. One that flashed that brilliantly would have lasted a long while and would have been widely reported. For comparison, SN 1054, which formed the Crab Nebula, was visible to the eye for two years (according to Chinese records).

Comment Re:Sure, to lower paying jobs (Score 1) 674

Corporations cannot make "rules" and force you to follow them. If you don't like a corporations tactics or anything else they do, stop doing business with them.

Of course they can. Have you never heard of a cornered market? If the same conglomerate owns all grocery stores in my city, then I can do business with them or starve. Worse, if all the providers in an area collude against their customers (and they frequently do) they don't even need to own all of it themselves.

Economic violence is no different than physical violence.

Or did you think the railroad owners got rich through being better than their competitors?

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