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Comment Re:I am shocked shocked I tell you (Score 2) 384

You are what is wrong with this country. Your response to Obama's treasonous betrayal of the country is to start playing party politics.

Are you seriously so stupid as to think you're doing anything other than enabling this shit? Is your point really that we shouldn't criticize Obama because Romney would have been worse? Really? Because that's what you're saying.

And none of you folks ever bother to mention that these policies were started by the GOP

I also tend not to remind people that water is wet or that the sky is blue because there is no reason to remind them. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHO STARTED IT. What matters is who has the power to end it. Are you too stupid to see that? Are you so wrapped up in part politics that you actually think who started it matters now?


That is who we need to be yelling at.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 1233

its expressed purpose the overthrow of the United States Constitution and government.

So...the same as the United States' Government's unexpressed purpose then?

You'd think they'd have seen the Communist Party as allies in that case...

Comment Re:Impeach Obummer! (Score -1, Troll) 524

Had Mitt won the presidency, I feel like a lot of these guys bitching about Obama would be standing right in line behind Mit

Go fuck yourself. You are the problem with this country. You think every criticism of your dear fuhrer is party-based. Here's a fucking clue: Every Romney voter I know LIKES these programs.

Comment Re:Would not have expected? (Score 1) 321

Aristotelian rhetoric (though I don't call it that, we do go over logos, ethos, and pathos ad nauseum) and logical fallacies. We cover deductive vs inductive logic and logical syllogisms as well. Deeper Epistemology (Empiricism vs Rationalism vs Skepticism, etc.) isn't covered in my English class.

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