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Comment Re:Snowden is fucked (Score 4, Insightful) 583

he has committed an extremely serious act of treason

Cunts like you are what has ruined this country. You probably would have voted for Nixon with glee.

The idea that exposing government malfeasance is treason is the most insidious bullshit I have ever heard. If the government does it, it IS illegal, and it SHOULD be exposed. Anything less is the real treason--treason against the people.

Comment Re:Citations? They need to be sued heavily (Score 1) 507

I'll ask you since I'd like to know: I've heard that one of the most positive innovations for traffic lights is the inclusion of a "timer bar". A bar light along side the normal traffic signals indicates how long the single has until it changes. I've heard that the places it was tested vastly reduced the number of collisions and injuries. Is there any truth to that?

I don't know about timer bars, but in Bangkok they have countdown timers for both green and red. You always know exactly how many seconds until the light changes at a glance. Better than a timer bar, I would think.

Comment Re:NTFS (Score 0) 347

Will the trolls come out, out, out
Will the trolls come out and play today

Will you lose that job that you don't love
Will the law come down and save your fate
Will your woman go and cheat behind your back
Will your best friend lie right to your face
Will you put down money that you don't have
Will you go and gamble that life away
Will you lose that love that you always had

Will the trolls come out, out, out,
Will the trolls come out and play today.

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