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Comment Re:Global Warming (Score 3, Insightful) 346

Reasonable people differ on the substance of legislation, but opposing something based on its complexity alone smacks of corrosive know-nothingism.

O.k., Sparky, have you read the health bill? If you say you have, you are a liar.

Blindly accepting that self-interested career politicians can bring together a patchwork of often contradictory sections of proposed law and amendments that will somehow fix an arguably broken system without creating more problems than it solves is just plain idiocy. The mantra in D.C. is "Fire...Ready...Duck...Aim...Why is everyone angry at us?"

The simple fact that they rammed it through, at full speed without a fair reading and explanation is enough to make anyone wary.

This is very much like you giving up on trying to get your wife to let you fuck her anally, so you just jam it in there before she has a chance to say, "no". You got what you wanted, she's going to have deal with the pain, then, she'll deal with you. We are the wife and congress is the jackass husband.

Comment Re:php is bad for the environment (Score 3, Informative) 752

From my personal experience: Data-heavy applications run at a complete crawl in PHP. 10 times slower, is, in my opinion, a vast understatement.

Then again, that’s not the point of PHP. The point is, that in PHP, provided you already know how to program, also get things done more than 10 times faster, than in C++. Because there is a simple function with defaults and automatisms for literally everything.

Only if those defaults and automatisms are other than what you expect, you will get into big trouble. And because the PHP interpreter is truly a horrible piece of shit (I was able to run totally illegal constructs, with plain text right in the middle of the code, and it ran, doing nothing of what I expected it to do.), that happens quite a lot.
It’s one reason that drove me to the extreme strictness of Haskell, where you have to get it right upfront, so it doesn’t bite you in the ass later.

Comment Java too complex (Score 3, Insightful) 558

I think that java had the momentum, and the quality, so ultimately there was something structurally wrong with it that caused the decline in marketshare. The webapp share was taken over by flash, which is far slower than the java vm, because actionscript was easier to program in. If sun had made a ligthweight version of the vm for the browser and simpler language like visual basic, things might have been very different.

Comment They don't fail (Score 4, Insightful) 322

They fail in the mainstream market because there's such a small market for them. The Nokia n900 is a geek's dream, but most people want a phone, not a handheld computer. Most as in 99.99% of the marketplace. And even fewer want a multi-hundred dollar handheld computer/phone. So I'm sure it sells well in the market it was designed for...that .001% of the population that wants a hackable, programmable micro computer that makes calls. So it succeeds where its market is. Saying it fails is like saying the Audi R8 supercar failed. Though, at least that made it into Iron Man.

You could say the iPhone is a failure as well: it only has 1% of the cell phone market. But I think most of the U.S. will disagree with that statement.

Comment Re:I have an N97 and an N900 (Score 2, Informative) 114

C++ libraries for producing programs that will run on both windows, linux, whatever OS (not sure of the full range). Likely most famously found on the KDE desktop.

The important thing for the n900 is we now have a set of libraries that in theory should provide an ability to write software that will run on your home computer, and on your cell phone (without java or some other silliness). Basically all the Linux applications that exist already should (perhaps with some tweaking) be usable on your cell phone without needing to reinvent the wheel to use the massive base of mature software that is already available for Linux and similar.

In theory, it means I should be able to deploy most of the desktop software we use in my office on n900's without needing to retrain people in my office to use it when they are out of the office.

We will see. So far the hype seems to be warranted, but I am sure we all have been burned before by some arbitrary corporate decision or more commonly some arbitrary marketing decision.

Comment Re:Also announced... (Score 1) 258

The ESPN360 thing pisses me off too. If my ISP carries it, then I am stuck paying for it as part of my monthly bill whether I want it or not (not commenting on the worth/quality of the ESPN360 package, I've never used it). Likewise, if my ISP doesn't carry it, then there's no way for me to view its content even if I want to.

Comment Re:Study analysed the wrong (old) tech... (Score 1) 320

The 1974 to 2003 period was dominated by the old analog 800-850 Mhz AMP's tech.

Depends on the country.
In the UK, the above is completely bogus.

I know this because I was involved in two projects (for separate companies) where my job was to facilitate the migration of
traffic from the analogue bands to the digital spectrum. I wrote software that would allow the radio experts to predict what
would happen to traffic coverage if they increased/reduced power on specific sites, if they went from monopole to three-sector,
or if they took a band from analogue and gave it to the digital network, or if they increased site resolution.

We also did simulations to determine finer grained traffic analysis than the data provided and (in both cases) we identified
coverage holes (that turned out to be real) in central London, United Kingdom.

And that was in 1994 (for the UK) and 1996 (for the rest of the world, with the primary focus the US)

As far as the main carriers were concerned analogue was on the way out in 1994, expecting to be completely replaced a few years later.

Its possible they kept the networks running longer than anticipated (I don't know, I did other things after this), but the
idea that the analouge bands were not being migrated to digital in this time frame is totally incorrect, false and misleading.
And in the UK, we've been digital for at least 10 years. We had our 3G auction in 2001.

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