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Comment Calibre (Score 1) 764

I have a Kindle. I purchase books from Amazon, paper and e. However, I find other books from other sources. I'm leary of Amazon reaching into my Kindle to remove books I've purchased, so I regularly crack the AZW and convert them to MOBI. Calibre is one of the best tools for managing this. Yes, I have found digital copies of every Heinlein book I've ever owned. What is Amazon going to do about "Lord Foul's Bane"?

Comment Huh? (Score 2) 450

Granted, I'm working in a highly secure environment with secure images, so we are all over the VDI for development. It allows my dispersed developers world wide organization of death and destruction to work in a large team environment while being in Europe, Florida, California, Washington, Japan, Hawaii, and Singapore. And yes, I am being completely serious.

It does allow us to provide a central pool of tools that make changes without dealing with the local machine that is controlled by another agency.

Comment TRON: Steaming Pile of Dog Crap (Score 1) 151

This seems to be the easy way out the critics took to unite in panning Tron Legacy. Tron 2 was just gutsy by Disney,

I walked out of Tron Legacy last night. About the point where we started to get more exposition instead of show. The 3D was horrible to non-existant. I found myself hoping the kid would get killed. It was friggin painful to watch. I was awed by the original Tron, even when it was light in areas of story. This was a LOST opportunity, much like the sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean and Matrix. Except this one actually induced me to WALK OUT. The last movie I walked out on was Kevin Costners "The War".

Comment AC Is Idiot, But He Knows It. (Score 2, Informative) 440

The way I see it, there are several reasons why the USA would want to build Railguns:

- They have info that aliens exist and can come to Earth. - They have confirmation that someone (e.g. China, Iran, North Korea...) really plans to attack the Western World (or only the USA). - They are planning to conquer the World in the next 10-20 years. - Or they are really just being careful and making sure they can face the unexpected.

You're an idiot, but you know that right? You're list shows you have no real critical thinking skills beyond what you learned from apocolyptic comic books, movies, and video games, but that doesn't stop you from trying act like you have deep thoughts.

The reason I am assuming you know you're an idiot is because you post as AC and have that little scrap of pride.

Try this: They've been working on railguns for ages, as a launch system for ballistic missiles, manned spacecrapft, projectiles, and other purposes. Electronics and triggering systems from that research make their ways into other areas.

Also, you always want to make your systems portable, safer on home turf, and easier to handle.

"Safer on home turf." The problem with explosive delivery systems like cannons, rockets, and guns is that their is a risk of blowing yourself to smithereens. If you can eliminate that from projectile delivery, you become more effective.

Do try to use your brain.

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