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Comment Re:I like T-Mobile (Score 1) 198

They're by far the least evil of the major carriers in the US.

Only for certain definitions of "evil". I've been with them for 7+ years and every year the service gets a little worse, the plan gets a little more expensive, and they offer fewer new phones that I actually want to purchase. Sure, their customer service is cheery and all, but they rarely actually accomplish anything.

Interesting. I've been with them a few years and just kept the plan I started with. They no longer offer this plan, but I haven't selected another and they haven't increased the price I've been paying.

Comment Re:will drive online shopping overseas (Score 1) 434

You may have to wait a little longer, but people will start buying from Canada or other places without taxes.

I really doubt that. Based on what I see on other forums, most US consumers refuse to buy almost anything if they have to buy it online. I see people all the time who shlep down to their local brick and mortar store to pay more money, spend more time and get a worse quality product than something they could buy cheaper and of higher quality online. Ever been the grocery store or Wal-Mart and noticed how many people refuse to use the self-checkout line? I rest my case.

Good point. I expect Amazon to declare bankruptcy in the near future.

Comment Re:Notice something interesting? (Score 1) 394

I love how Hitler is being redefined as part of the Communist/Socialist political spectrum.... if this gains traction, it's time to leave the US.

The standard defense of such extreme right wing nuts is that the Nazis were called the National Socialist Party. They put far too much weight on the flowery words they used to gain power, not their actions once they had that power. According to their thinking, North Korea must be democratic because it's in their official name.

Much like people who voted for Obama.

Comment Re:Seriously Underwhelming (Score 1) 367

> I wish there was a standard for servers, so that I wouldn't have to keep reconfiguring my data center layout.
I know! The 1U vs. 1Ui is driving me nuts!! Why would anybody think that 1024 mm to the meter would make any sense? Thus a 44.45 mm 1U becomes 45.516 mm in the 1Ui unit!!

Is that a kibimillimeter?

Comment Re:keep trying (Score 1) 197

"The universe is enormous, no doubt there's *someone* out there."

So, you believe in the "invisible man in the sky" too huh? ;)

The belief in extraterrestrial life is at least based on the observation that life exists on Earth, and the number of stars and planets like our Sun and Earth in the universe is .. astronomical.

The belief in God has no such basis.

I think the belief in extraterrestrial life is primarily based in the disbelief in God. If there is no other life, then we are special. If there is no God, we are not special. Hence, if there is no God, there ought to be extraterrestrial life.

Comment Re:The GCC era (Score 1) 577

My jailbroke(en ??) iPad

When you installed a jailbreak on your iPad, it became a personal computer.

Computers have required specific development software / hardware bits for ages.

In the past, it was common to fund the development of developer tools through the sale of copies of developer tools. MPW cost money, CodeWarrior cost money, etc. But these "ages" were supposed to have ended when volunteers ported GCC and other freely licensed developer tools to anything and everything. For example, I'm under the impression that Microsoft started offering Visual Studio Express to compete with MinGW, a port of GCC to Windows. Only with the marketing of cryptographically restricted devices as "personal computer replacements" have these ages returned.

You still don't pay for the tools. XCode is free. The Android development kit is free.

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