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Comment Re:keep trying (Score 1) 197

"The universe is enormous, no doubt there's *someone* out there."

So, you believe in the "invisible man in the sky" too huh? ;)

The belief in extraterrestrial life is at least based on the observation that life exists on Earth, and the number of stars and planets like our Sun and Earth in the universe is .. astronomical.

The belief in God has no such basis.

I think the belief in extraterrestrial life is primarily based in the disbelief in God. If there is no other life, then we are special. If there is no God, we are not special. Hence, if there is no God, there ought to be extraterrestrial life.

Comment Re:The GCC era (Score 1) 577

My jailbroke(en ??) iPad

When you installed a jailbreak on your iPad, it became a personal computer.

Computers have required specific development software / hardware bits for ages.

In the past, it was common to fund the development of developer tools through the sale of copies of developer tools. MPW cost money, CodeWarrior cost money, etc. But these "ages" were supposed to have ended when volunteers ported GCC and other freely licensed developer tools to anything and everything. For example, I'm under the impression that Microsoft started offering Visual Studio Express to compete with MinGW, a port of GCC to Windows. Only with the marketing of cryptographically restricted devices as "personal computer replacements" have these ages returned.

You still don't pay for the tools. XCode is free. The Android development kit is free.

Comment Re:Maybe your tax laws ought to be adjusted (Score 1) 592

But how can a company buy assets if it doesn't have any money? Oh, sorry, of course it does, because it has income which is generated from selling things to customers. So why shouldn't it pay income tax on its income? Ah, because it's an abstract entity that should not pay tax (as the post I replied to suggested).

Ultimately, the money is either paid as a salary to someone (in which case they pay income tax), or it is used to purchase something (in which case sales tax is paid).

Alternatively, if companies don't pay taxes, they shouldn't enjoy benefits such as protection of laws or electricity provided by infrastructure that is paid for by taxes.

The company should be paying real estate tax if it owns property. That should pay for infrastructure. If it uses electricity, I'm pretty sure it's paying for it.

Why should the general public pay the salaries of lawmakers if they're going to pass laws in favour of companies that don't pay taxes?

The concept of a corporation was invented to allow a group of people to shift the risk of enterprise into an abstract entity. But just because it's an abstract entity doesn't mean that it's not part of the economy.

It is a part of the economy, but it's an intermediate part. The money is either spent to purchase something (sales tax), or paid to someone (personal income tax).

Now, taxes can be used to incentivize behavior. Perhaps it's in the national interest for companies to spend their money immediately, in which case, it should be taxed, to incentivize companies to spend instead of turning a profit.

Personally, I think some sort of fairly low tax, say maybe 10% of income, would be appropriate, based on employee pay. So if a company had most of its work force in the US but tried to shift the profit to an offshore subsidiary with only a couple people staffing an office, the bulk of it would still be taxable. And if a company tried to maliciously shift its profits to avoid paying taxes, it ought to be punitively taxed, say 50% of profit. Hopefully that would eliminate all the economic waste of the tax avoidance industry.

Comment Re:Just stop indexing them (Score 1) 114

They should go a step further. Stop indexing all German news sites and charge a fee to those who want their articles in the search indexes, since it is additional overhead for Google to make exceptions for them.

Yes Google should do that, thereby totally abusing their near monoly position on the search market in an attempt to blackmail a nation state into legislating in a way that suits Google an action which is guaranteed to instantly get the undivided attention of the EU commission (the same one who handed Microsoft a record $1,4 billon fine).

So in your opinion, Google should be forced to index all of these German publishers and pay for the privilege of having to do this?

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