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Comment Re:Wait... (Score 1) 360

Illegal for sure, but make the punishment fit the crime, and burden of proof be on the media companies. At most, these people being sued should be liable for 2-3 copies of what they infringed. When someone steals a DVD from a shop, you don't make them liable for every copy in the store, and then some. You make them liable for exactly what they deprived you of. Most of these people downloading anymore are uploading incremental bits to various users. All those bits assembled into one piece barely make up 2-3 whole copies, and thats IF they aren't leaches (which is rare) who don't just dine & dash once they have what they want. At that, especially bit-torrent they can only prove you have a complete copy or not because your client only relays that info to them.

The punishment just needs to fit the crime, not be a life changing event because you downloaded the greatest trash single of the month.

Comment Re:What does Wikileaks get from this? (Score 2, Insightful) 606

or more likely that those scary governments are more likely to stick to paper, or are paranoid enough of the US spying on them they have some levels of counter espionage in place. For the most part, the US Gov. says they care, but their actions as a whole don't work to keep things secret. Really, you never saw this level of mass leakings prior to the digitalization of what used to be purely on paper. Before it would take you month of digging through stacks of maybe/maybe not shredded documents. Now all you need to do is open up a piece of software to have access to gigs of searchable data, or just wait long enough for a few drives not to be discarded correctly.

Comment Re:Oh yeah (Score 1) 215

Which is funny since thats about the only thing keeping BB from being uprooted, but as more phones get it, BB better do something interesting quick or get dumped. Hell, at my work they give me a BB for this purpose, but are opening up the floodgates to allow iPhone's & iPads through Exchange. I almost shat myself in disbelief, but guess things get done when the right VP wants his shiny toy to work with the network. Can't wait to dump this BB I lug purely for for the email when my iPhone works just fine.

Comment Re:not fastest (Score 1) 397

Ummm...they are so different it's disgusting. Automotive CPUs have to be mil-spec specifications with industrial reliability. It has to be when the consequences of failure can easily lead to death. If your whiz-bang dodad of a GPS unit fails they don't have to worry about your engine's timing being spot on every time, every second, of every day, autocorrecting continually to keep it from throwing a rod, and all but killing the engine, or brakes suddenly not responding correctly.

Oh, and your GPS unit doesn't get hit by the dirty power supply correctly if made right. The power hits a conversion to the internal battery the unit then pulls from. Of which, you can still kill those hokey little GPS units real easy from those dirty power sources cars provide. Thankfully your going to have a 5-10amp fuse keeping things from going sizzle sizzle.

Comment Re:This is cool, but not revolutionary... (Score 1) 397 ever work in corporate IT? They are so damn cheap it's hilarious what they will do to keep those machines going. It's especially amusing seeing how much they would rather have me bill them to keep that machine going rather than just replacing it. At least those caps & PSU have to die some day!

Oh, and ethanol has pretty much been a scam for corn farmers from day one. Still a bit annoyed they put ethanol in regular gasoline because it's fractionally cleaner. Fractionally cleaner in a sense that you have to burn more volume to get the same distance as regular unleaded gas whiiiich ends up being just as polluting. Gawd it makes me angry these people pushing for ethanol can do fractions, but not division. Wooo...two for two in the random segway rants XD

Comment Re:Asians (Score 1) 299

Last I checked it was the American Taxpayer that was paying for it. Japan & South Korea got a pretty sweetheart deal getting USA to cover the bulk of their defense. They would be far more like the other surrounding countries if they didn't have free protection they'd both resemble the Philippines allot more if not for it.

Comment Re:Asians (Score 3, Informative) 299

Ummm ok...lets factor in COL. In the list of top 50 most expensive cities, Seoul ranks 14! To give you some perspective, New York is 27 with Los Angeles bringing up 55. Please do a little research before talking about COL.

I really wish we could have seen the full unbridled version of the opening. Maybe some storyboards will surface eventually. I'll bet you almost anything that the North Korean animation operations are pretty substantial given they didn't want to talk about it for good reason, and their conditions I'd bet are pretty horrid. Watch the Simpsons? Support North Korea! Wooooooo what a publicity campaign!

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