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Comment Re:Blame them, not Heartbleed (Score 1) 89

Part of the effort is trying to determine what systems are vulnerable during that time as well.

So we get the flaw released on day one, It will take a while to audit all the systems to make sure they are not vulnerable.

Health Care IT is complex, Mixing new technology with extremely out of date technology. You have a LOT of network traffic as all these systems needs to talk to each other. You are required by law to share the data and keep it private at the same time. Data sets are often in the millions of records.

Just going patching your systems blindly is open to disaster as you could cause a systems that is critical for maintaining life for a person to fail. These updates need to be scheduled with a fail plan in place.

Comment Re:How the Patent System Destroys Innovation (Score 3, Insightful) 97

I think the problem with the Patent system isn't the idea of patents, but some factors that need to have them adjusted.

1. Patent Lifetime. 20 years is much too long in the technology industry. As technology is improving at an exponential rate. 20 years to hold onto a patents means by the time the patient expires, the technology is so old and out of date that it isn't useful any more. Back in the old days 20 years was enough for someone to get it in the market and make a good living off of it. When it was over then you can get others using it.

2. Too many obvious patents. Especially in software, We code new and interesting stuff every day, as our programs are meant to solve a new problem. Software patents should be reserved for some really ingenious stuff. Like advanced algorithms that the average coder will go, you know I might as well just download the library and implement vs having to figure it out myself and probably not have it work as well.

3. Lack of a good Non-Patent Protection legal mechanism. There isn't a way to register your idea officially, while not having the patent overhead, and if someone patents the same idea you can use your registration to prove yours is legit.

Comment Re:No surprise here (Score 1) 170

There is a lot of internet tout that Europeans somehow do things that much better then the US, is actually a lot of BS. They just have a different set of problems that the US does.

Germany probably just made the biggest fuss about it, just because they could, and distract their public from their own problems. We do the same in the US.

Comment Re:why internet connected? (Score 2) 111

You do not work in health care do you.

So when you get registered at the Hospital. Your data will electronically get sent to the Electronic Medical Record system, which then will be sent to the Lab Systems, and back, Then all this data gets fed into a billing system which then needs to electronically send this data to the insurance company to be billed. Now we also new regulations called Meaningful Use, and one of them is the ability to Send Electronic Medical Data to the Patient in less then 72 hours of the request. To meet this requirement most places have setup a Patient Portal, where the Patient can Login via the Web and get their access.

For proper treating of patients the data needs to get sent to professionals who needs it, they may be in different locations around the world.

So the government is telling Health Care industries to lock down PHI and make it more Open at the same time.

Comment Re:Good Job NRC (Score 3, Interesting) 66

But it is Nuclear! N U C L E A R ! ! ! This words means scary stuff will happen if ever used by Bad Bad Men!

Now the people who broke in may get a lot of good information just like if they broke into any other federal commission. However I would really hope the actual dangerous stuff isn't on the same network that allows any sort of internet access.

Comment No, he just never gets it in the first place (Score 1) 299

Diplomatic status is granted by the host country, it is not automatic. What happens is a country says "We want this person to be our ambassador to you." The host country, if they are ok with that person, says "Ok we grant this person status as an ambassador and the immunity that comes with that." However there's no immunity, and related things (like an amount of time to leave the country) until then.

Immunity is not a one-way street. A country can't say "This person is a diplomat, you have to give them immunity."

Comment Re:Desperate to have a wank. (Score 2) 299

Yep, prior to that, he wasn't in any legal trouble in the UK. They were going to ship him off to Sweden, because they'd received an extradition request that their courts had determined legal, but he was in no trouble there.

However, as soon as he fled to the embassy, he broke UK law. So now he's in trouble in the UK, if nothing else. Regardless of the validity of the allegation in Sweden, he broke UK law by fleeing the extradition.

Comment Re:"Philosophically, this opens up an interesting (Score 1) 239

Being that the autonomous automobile (the Auto-Auto) will probably be released when its safety ability exceeds that of a person, and each generation will get better. Being that the algorithm may be designed to Protect Passenger, vs. Max Insurance liability, or save most amount of people. In essence really doesn't matter as they all try to avoid accidents all together. And these algorithms will only come up in a world of decreasing rare possibilities.

I would expect protect passenger algorithm is the easier one to maintain as it has the most information available. The Insurance Calculation may be the next best, but how do you know if there are a lot of people in the bus or is it empty?

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