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Comment Re:Seems like it'll screw them in the long run (Score 1) 71

If it is just support for preemption and an MMU MS already created an API for that, it is called "DirectX 11.2" or more properly the WDDM 1.3. 11.1 (WDDM 1.2) supported full preemption, 11.2 supports page based virtual memory.

I dunno, I guess we'll see how performance in real games actually shakes out but if this is nothing more than an API with a couple newish features, features that DX already supports, I'm not really sure that the "giveashit" factor for devs will be very high.

I also wonder as to how they'll handle GPU memory mapping in user space. With large memory cards, that is going to mean saying no 32-bit versions which at this point is still something that may be problematic for game developers.

Comment Re:common platform (Score 1) 209

-Local Storage: Not the best idea, the point of a web based application is your data is on a centralized location. Your local PC doesn't qualify, small amounts is handy for performance, but if you are going past 5MB then you are probably doing it wrong.

-3D graphics: Ill give you this one, but it would be rather limited to games, and some smaller subset of applications, not a full deal breaker.

- Tilt and Shake: Ill give you that one too. The time HTML5 was made these ideas were to new to be realized as useful, just a silly hack to make your PC do tricks.

- Device Location (HTML5 has that) and orientation: Ill give you that one too, but orientation seems related to Tilt and Shake.

- Audio recording: good in theory, scary in use. Having a web browser listing to your audio could cause ease dropping software.

- Camera: Same as Audio Recoding

- Text to speech: I would think this would be a function of the OS/Browser

- Speech to Text: same as text to speech.

Comment Re:Deliberately missing browser features (Score 4, Funny) 209

What do you mean, this was the point of ActiveX. ActiveX didn't cause any security concerns.
It isn't like when someone is asked to accept to install something, they will just hit Yes, to get it out of the way.

The Web isn't a good way to do high performance computing. The good news is, most people don't need high performance.

Comment Re:Standard practice... (Score 4, Informative) 192

However I could see a lot of parents trying this, to a disastrous effect, because it could be the kid who has extremely small tolerance, will get too much and hurt themselves. or increasing the dosage goes too fast for the child.

The real benefit of giving these kids treatments, isn't so they can have a peanut butter sandwich, but have foods that have touched nuts, and go to school and sit at the same table as someone eating a Peanut butter sandwich.

Comment Re:More reprsentative stats please (Score 1) 390

40% seems about right from my experience.
Software Developers and people making web pages are probably using Chrome, and Firefox, thus hitting W3School with it for their work. Average home surfer still doesn't really care what browser they are using just as long as it works. Newer IE 9,10,11 seem to render the modern stuff good enough, for people not to really care.
However people with above average use, will probably be using Chrome or Firefox, just because it works better.

Comment Seems like it'll screw them in the long run (Score 3) 71

Well, assuming it takes off which I don't think it will. If this stuff is truly "close to the core" as the Mantle name and marketing hype claim, then it'll only work so long as they stick with the CGN architecture. It won't work with any large architecture changes. So that means that they either have to stick with GCN forever, which would probably cripple their ability to make competitive cards in the future as things change, or they'd have to abandon support for Mantle in newer cards, which wouldn't be that popular with the developers and users that had bought in. I suppose they also could provide some kind of abstraction/emulation layer but that rather defeats the purpose of a "bare metal" kind of API.

I just can't see this as being a good thing for AMD in the long run, presuming Mantle truly is what they claim. The whole reason for things like DirectX and OpenGL are to abstract the hardware so that you don't have to write a render for each and every kind of card architecture, which does get changed a lot. If Mantle is tightly tied to GCN then that screws all that over.

So either this is a rather bad desperation move from AMD to try and make up for the fact that their CPUs have been sucking lately, or this is a bunch of marketing BS and really Mantle is a high level API, but just a proprietary one to try and screw over nVidia.

Comment Re:hero (Score 1) 388

One sides Traitor is the other sides Hero.
There are a lot of countries who like to see the mighty US squirm and face problems, while their leaders use it as an opportunity to try to boast themselves up and say "Well at least we are not as bad as America!" Even if what they are personally doing is just as bad or worse, however it just wasn't publicized.

There are a handful of what the US calls Rouge nations, previously Axes of Evil. That do a lot of big talk against the United States, the real thing is, most of these nations do this to make them look big and powerful, and really don't Hate the US, they just use us as the biggest target to point out, so their neighboring nations who may think about attacking them will go, wait a minute, these guys are standing up the US, and they are taking them seriously. Perhaps we should too. Where the real danger from these Rouge nations, isn't the actual government, but from the populous who feeds off the propaganda and gets radicalized against the US. Europe, China, Russia and Brazil while are not rogue nations, are in a position where they can try to increase their dominance in the global field are having a field day with this.

I think the big downfall in this Snowden stuff, was they dropped the ball, they just changed what they are doing in the NSA for intelligence gathering. They are not doing enough to allow a legal outlet for whistle blowing from secrete organizations.

Comment Learn to freaken drive. (Score 4, Insightful) 723

Ok granted Atlanta dropped the ball. But the drivers are being complete idiots. Probably due to poor basic science education.
Yes the road are unsalted. and most of the cars have summer tires... However to be dead stopped for days is just retarded.
Boadcast these instructions over the radio.

1. Keep Calm, don't panic.
2. Accelerate Slowly
3. Decelerate Slowly
4. Drive Slowly
5. Double or Triple your distance that you normally are between you and the car in font of you, to allow more time to stop.

I am seeing on the news complete idiots just hitting the gas spinning their wheels and driving out of control. The it is a Gas Pedal not a Gas Button, you can use it to drive at various speeds.

Comment Re:As an environmentalist and (former) Obama fan. (Score 2, Interesting) 343

But how does Snowden promote peace?
I mean, he dug up some records of some illegal stuff the government was doing. Then he sent it to the general media so average Joe, will misinterpret the summary and think their government is doing far worse then they actually did. Combined getting a bunch of other countries pissed off at America, because there is evidence to show what they already know anyways.
In terms of Peace, he seemed to stir up the drums or war.

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