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Comment And remitting tax too (Score 1) 165

Another big problem with all the different taxes is that you have to remit them all separately as well. If the states were organized well enough to be able to collect all the taxes for all the various organizations in the state, I guess that isn't horrible only 50 places to pay it to. However let's be realistic you are going to need to end up remitting taxes to individual counties and cities as well and that becomes a complete nightmare. You not only need to know how much tax to collect at each level, you need to know where it goes and then to make those payments and it isn't as though you get to do it just once, or even once per year.

It's just a nightmare on every level.

Comment Too bad there wasn't a legal route. (Score 4, Interesting) 666

In the Land of the Free and the Home of the brave, They needed to add a lot of cowardly countermeasures to make sure the were not caught and imprisoned, for what was in essence a joy ride.

If there was a way to go, I am going to do this stunt, I am expected to be at these locations between these times, and make sure the police give us enough room and clear out traffic. Sure it may require a little extra money say an traditional $10k to pay for the expense of blocking off the roads for the time.
But Risk taking should be rewarded, not punished, especially if you are willing to work with the system.

Comment Re:Bring on the wearable interfaces. (Score 4, Insightful) 453

Ok, I am a 30 something year old so I don't fit into either demographics...

However most of the time meetings are an out of date idea's. They historically worked because we didn't have a communication infrastructure that we do today. Conference phones where limited in the number of people on the line, issues with the person not being close enough to the phone to be heard and a slew of other communication problems, and before that it was very hard to get a bunch of people work on an idea, in a timely manner.

But really for most meetings, the individual doesn't need to be fully mentally involved unless there is something important to them. It would be much easier to chat via a message system, you can see the stuff go across your screen, while you work on something else, until something important comes up you can can then review what went on and come up with an appropriate answer.

the 20 somethings who grew up with this technology knows this and get very board during these meetings, as there is a lot of stuff that isn't important to them at the time that is going on. Now that said, It is still rude to disrupt the meeting with your activities, and if you are stuck at the meeting you should show some tact, but hopefully experience will clear that up.

Comment I have to agree (Score 1) 74

Zombie games are not "massive outpouring of new creativity" by and large. Rather it is "uncreative developers attempting to jump on a popular bandwagon." There are some good ones, but most are poorly done and very uncreative in design.

I'm a big fan of indy (aka self published) games but I can't think of any zombie ones that have caught my eye as good.


Did Snakes Help Build the Primate Brain? 202

sciencehabit writes "A new study of the monkey brain suggests that primates are uniquely adapted to recognize the features of snakes and react in a flash. What's more, by selecting for traits that helped animals avoid them, the reptiles ultimately endowed us with forward-facing eyes, for example, and enlarged visual centers deep in our brains that are specialized for picking out specific features in the world around us, such as the general shape of a snake's body camouflaged among leaves.The results lend support to a controversial hypothesis: that primates as we know them would never have evolved without snakes."

Comment Also, how fast is it really? (Score 1) 569

Something I've noticed is that in a number of Asian and European countries, you see ISPs that operate and sell lines line giant WANs. You get a really fast connection to them, but it is way oversubscribed on the backhaul and you don't see that off-network.

For example a few years ago I remember a gentleman from Japan here on Slashdot who was talking about his fast 100mbit Internet connection and how he could download a CD in like 8 minutes. I had to point out that is the kind of speed you get form 10mbit, not 100mbit, and indeed my 12mbit Internet downloaded it faster.

So you do need to make sure you are doing real apples to apples comparisons on speeds. A lot of the amazing Speedtest results I see are people testing to a server on their own ISP which is fine for internal testing, but says nothing about overall speed. When I test my link, I always test to an ISP in another state, about 500 miles away, to verify that indeed I am getting my bandwidth to the larger Internet, not just to things near me.

I'm not trying to say that this means the US is great, but it is a complex issue. I can offer you really cheap "gigabit" Internet... just so long as I don't have to have the backhaul to support it. I can build a gigbat WAN pretty cheap, and even have a local Speedtest server you can use, but it'll cost me a lot more if I want the backhaul to really support those kind of speeds.

Comment Re:The answer is SIMPLE (Score 5, Insightful) 786

Well it is worse then that. Most Politicians were Lawyers, Every once in a while you may get a Businessman, a Professor or a MD. But most come from the Legal background.

That is a big problem!

How we solve problems is often reflected in our professions.
I am a software architect, to me I see most problems can be solved them differently then an engineer, which is different then how a School teacher would...

All these Lawyers in politics is causing a problem where they don't know of other ways to solve problems and they think the only way to do this is changing the law. While that is part of the governments job, we don't have leaders anymore just a bunch of lawers

Comment Re:Fantasy more than SF (Score 3, Insightful) 93

However... With Dr. Who Smaller on the inside/Time traveling technology why would you need Digital Electronics?
So you get yourself a mechanical differential engine, the size of room. Have it in a time bubble a few million years in the past, in a room bigger on the inside. You don't need to worry about all those details about digital computing. You have a simple calculator which is easy to fix and maintain. Start the processing a millions of years ago, when it is done it sends the message to your current time, So no wait.

The biggest advantages of Digital Technology is Speed and Size. If you master space and time, These advantages mean little to you.

Comment Re:The Cloud will save us all! (Score 2) 262

Cloud services isn't a magic happy pill. But it does make things better over all.
Chances are your local IT guy needs to do a lot of stuff, not just focus on your email server, or file server. The cloud is a good place to handle specialized IT jobs, as you can can get a team of people who can manage your data 24/7 and cheaper too, because they have 10 guys managing 1000 customers.
Things are over all better... However it doesn't take you off the hook.
For one you need to make sure you get the right service for your needs, if you buy the cheapest you often get the poorest service back. If you get the most expensive they may offer too many features that you need and you are spending money on stuff you will never use. Make sure your contracts cover your needs, and still plan a backup plan, as the cloud company may not become palatable to you any more and make sure you are not stuck with them.

Comment As two simple examples (Score 2) 362

Both our KVM and NAS at work use Java as their interface. In both cases the reason is the same: to support management from arbitrary clients running any OS. They don't want to require you to install a program just to manage them and they want to easily support Windows, Linux, Mac, and so on. However the interface needs to be highly interactive to be useful. In the case of the KVM it actually has to stream video that it compresses from various sources. So Java it is.

These are some outdated devices from yesteryear, they are both current products on sale right now. The KVM is a Minicom Smart 216IP Switch, and NAS is a Dell Equallogic. While these may not be the world's highest end products, they are real enterprise products and they are both on sale right now.

While I don't like Java, particularly its insecurity, trying to pretend like it's some relic of a bygone era that we no longer need is silly. If you do systems administration, Java is something that you are going to run into quite a bit. I don't have the choice of "just don't use it" or something like that.

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