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Comment Stay out of politics! (Score 5, Insightful) 365

Ok here is the lowdown!
Everyone has their good and bad parts about them. It is not productive to ignore and not work with people just because of their bad points. It is productive to work with these people because of their good points.

If you fully agree with everything the Republican or Democratic party says, then you are most likely a mindless shill who really should get out of politics because you are too stupid. You will tend to use most of your mental skills, trying to justify any inconsistencies in ideologies. Most likely you are not running for office, and you do not have anything at stake for not being Conservative or Liberal enough.

If you are going to protest google, protest the policy/ideology/action that google does that you do not like. Not the fact they worked with a politician that you wouldn't vote for, because they liked something unrelated to the policy you're fighting against.

Unless you are actually opposed to a Datacenter in Oklahoma.

Comment Re:like anything else.. (Score 1) 580

What really needs is to fix the Competitive grading structure of schools.
You need a 3.0 or better to get into grad schools, the person with the Highest GPA get all the extra honors that looks good when looking for a job.

I went to a University that had a rather diverse set of majors, Almost all of the Valedictorians were Art Majors... Why because they didn't need to take too many of the tough courses that would kill a GPA. It is nearly unheard of an Engineering Major to be in the High 3 GPA. Because the classes were that much harder.

And with Math, Science and Engineering (Especially with Undergrad studies) your answers are either right or they are wrong, sure you may get partial credit for showing your thought process and get a few points off for missing a step, but still grading is very mechanical. The Arts and Humanities there is a lot of touchy feely stuff towards grading, and it is easier for students to fudge the system. Know what the professor likes and cater to it, even if you disagree with them. When I took history my professor was big in Womens History, so when I wrote my paper on early computers I made sure it had a good womans history slant to it, and I got a really good grade on it. Because I focused more on Ada Lovelace and less on Charles Babbage. You can't cater your answer for the Math professor as much to his taste. There is the correct answer or not. So if you are going to that discipline don't expect a stellar GPA especially if you are actually going to be learning stuff in college.

Comment No not really (Score 4, Informative) 193

The right answer is a service account they can have activated, if needed. On the EqualLogic (Dell) we have that is how it is done. When they need to work on the system, they have you connect to a WebEx session. They then request control of the PC. They have you log in to the system using your admin account, and they can then set the password on an "fse" account, which they can use to access service functions you aren't supposed to get at. Once they are done, they encourage you to change the fse account to a different password.

That is how it is properly done: They get in using your system, with you monitoring what they do, and you lock out access after they are done.

Now maybe they are going to have access all the time for proactive monitoring. Fine, that is a service some like (we may take Dell up on it if they start offering it). Again the right method is an account set up by the customer, not one hardcoded in. Why? Well because of shit like this. If it is hardcoded in, and you can't change it, then if someone discovers the access, it is bad times.

For that matter I've never seen this on Cisco stuff either. The recovery for that is via serial, I've never seen a remote override from Cisco. Maybe it is there, but I've never seen them use it.

Comment PC is the new Mainframe (Score 2) 385

The Mainframe isn't dead, however it isn't as widely used as it once was. They are still new Mainframes being made, and any true Computer Scientist would drool to get their hands on one.
But that being said, they are not selling as many as they use to, most companies are going to PC based servers, because they are cheaper, and more software flexibility, and you are not as stuck with one company for support, and a large group of developers who can handle the platform.

Now the PC, are tablets going replace them? No, but they will bring the PC down to a few manufacturers. I expect Lenovo, Dell, Apple to survive in the desktop area, as they (Apple to the lesser extent) have a good hold in the business markets. However PC's would probably be more like Workstations reserved for more computer intensive work such as Software Development, CAD, Finance... But for other people tablets, with say keyboards could replace the rest of the people.

Comment Re:I don't even, what are they, what? (Score 1) 103

Well the trick is to come up with some sort of standard API, to Print 3d.

Back in the DOS days, when you needed to print more than just text, every program had a list of printers to choose from, I had a Panasonic Dot Matrix which was Epson Compatible so I chose Epson Printers. If I had one of those new fangled Laser Printers that use PCL or PostScript some of my apps wouldn't print.

Now with windows as the OS you choose your printer and install, or select the driver to use. Than when you tell your program to print the stuff, it will use Windows API and say Hey this is what I want to print, than it take it and translates it to the format that the printer can handle PostScript, PCL5/PCL6, or some crazy binary format if you have drivers for it. Then it will connect to the printer and send the commands for it.

Now the standard Printing API is designed for 2d. While for some 3d printers you can translate the page break into a go up level, but not all 3d Printers work the same, so you will want an API that takes a 3d diagram then send that to the drivers to figure out how to do it. So you can take many 3d applications and print 3d stuff from it without needing your app to be particular to the 3d printer you are using.

Although Windows 8 is mostly a consumer Operating System, however Windows 8 could be used as a work station OS for Cad systems in businesses too, so it would make sense for 3d tech to be added to it, for businesses and enthusiasts.

Comment Ya pretty much (Score 2) 445

Even if I didn't care about the privacy issues, can they offer me anywhere near the performance of my SSD? Of course not. It's latency is expressed in microseconds, my network in 2-3 digits of milliseconds. Its bandwidth is near enough 500MB/sec, my network caps out at about 4MB/sec (30mbit).

I fail to see why the hell I'd want to store my data on such an inferior setup.

Now backups to a remote site, sure that is something that can make sense. However that isn't what they are talking about. That is more like what Acronis does. They seem to think I'd want them as straight out storage.

Hell no. Until the performance issues are resolved, it is all 100% moot. Then and only then am I even interested in examining the other issues, which would rule it out anyhow.

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