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Comment Similar Project - SMB Crossover (Score 2) 85 I came across a similar project last month. It has been active for about a year now and features the original mario levels that you can play through with any of several other old NES characters. Maybe Nintendo is actually playing nice with the fan community?

Comment Scum or average businessman? (Score 3, Insightful) 272

I started to write a comment about being glad that Murdoch is finally getting what's coming to him... then I realized that I didn't know why I felt that way. I have a generally negative opinion of him... but all that comes to mind when I think of him is a caricature assembled from various stories I've come. I gather that he's been consolidating several media markets into near-monopolies and there's controversy about him forcing editorial opinions onto his reporters... but is he the guy who single-handedly broke the news business, or just a businessman who got in over his head with yellow journalism?

Comment Re:in 2008, FEMA ordered 102K boxcars /w shackles. (Score 0) 271

Oh my! Armed with a reliable source like a three year old article from pimpinturtle and *dozens* of second and third hand stories, the ignorant masses can no longer ignore the truth! Cast off your shackles! Rise up against your oppressors! Cast down the corporate overlords of the New World Order! Free yourselves from the Black Iron Prison!

Comment Re:If only... (Score 1) 155

Yet a veteran gets his leg blown off, and no one makes a fuss

Fussing wouldn't help things. Instead we provide top-of-the-line prosthetics, years of psychological, physical, and occupational therapy, additional consideration for promotion, a medical retirement plan, and a (admittedly not as large as it could be) and lump sum payment. It is heart-wrenching when the system fails veterans who have been hurt, but the "bad press" can make people forget that the support is there and the failures are the exception, not the rule.

Comment Re:What about drugs/hormones? (Score 2) 182

Forward osmosis has been used for years and will filter out the stuff you mention. It's the same principle that a home or industrial osmotic water filter (reverse osmosis) would use, except that the pressure comes from the 'charged' liquid on one side (the stuff that makes it taste like a sports drink) instead of from the water being forced against the membrane. You can buy a system like this commercially from HTI ( Some people like it for hiking, but from what I've heard it's more suited to emergency water production on lifeboats.

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