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Comment Re:Elegant? (Score 1) 387

There are plenty of 4th generation languages that are highly capable of the job, and do so in an elegant, and more importantly maintainable way. JavaScript is a monkey's language born from the intentions of enabling lay-users. A noble goal but detrimental to professional development work.

Comment Re:Windows 8 (Score 1) 263

Microsoft has lost the consumers, but it has not (yet) lost business. The people that think their tablets are intended for consumers are dead wrong. If consumers buy them great, but comparing iPad to Surface is an apples to oranges comparison.

No one is currently putting line of business apps on mobiles, neither iOS nor Android. They're designed for consumer utility and entertainment not LOBs. Microsoft is betting big that they can fill the vacuum and thus fortify their position with their biggest/best customers. Does Windows 8 on the desktop offer a poor user experience, the consensus seems to say yes. It's also pretty obvious that the Windows 8 UX wasn't designed for the desktop, it was designed for mobiles. Why would they do that? I think they're probably smelling the future. Desktops are becoming increasingly niche, slowly replaced by portable form factors. While business may lag in this trend I think Microsoft sees them going the same way. They've cast their chicken bones and are making a desperate gambit based on that reading to get back on top.

Comment Re:Why should we care? (Score 1) 432

There are certain kinds of software that allow for drunken programming and kinds that do not. Web and mobile app development tend to fit into the former, whereas line of business apps would be an epic failure and create a short route to the unemployment line if developed while drunk. Relatedly there are two classes of software developer, the monkey and the engineer. The monkey just slings some crap around and calls it a day. The engineer is contemplative and methodical. Accordingly each tend to slot themselves (or have it done for them) into a certain kind of development work. It is unfortunate that the monkey dominates public perception but then public perception has seldom been a strong concern for the geek/nerd anyway.

Comment Re:What's the point? (Score 1) 58

Perhaps you come from a rural area where everyone has the short-sighted, "all about me", "because f**k you is why" mentality but you may wish to consider one of the main reasons the main is so much larger than the service feeds. You're not the only one that being serviced by it. For each person that opened say 20 spigots that'd be 19 fewer people that could be serviced. If the main had sufficient capacity in the first place you wouldn't need 20 spigots, you'd just need a single larger one.

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 199

I'm shocked this attempt at making hay made it to the front page. I know that it's typical for crap to float to the top only to bury nerdworthy content but this one reaches a whole new level.

Take down notices are an ordinary part of modern life for a hosting service. Timothy are you asleep at the wheel or do you need to rejigger your rubber stamp bot?

Comment Re:Inaccurate Summary (Score 1) 272

This photo was taken on July 29, 2012 in Wenonah, Minneapolis, MN, US, using an Apple iPhone 4.

I guess even then Apple was directionally impaired. That's the bloody Mall of America in Bloomington, MN. And, I must say, when I saw that Microsoft was adding that store right next to Apple's I found myself laughing to tears. It made my night. Even now I get a snicker out of it when ever I walk by.

Comment Re:A strange game.... (Score 4, Insightful) 597

You speak like it would be so neat and simple to wipe them from the map. Have you forgotten about China, or the very strong chance they'd shell Seoul--home of some 24 million people--into rubble? As a red blooded American I suppose that doesn't fit your "bring it on", "put a boot in their *ss", "and to hell with the consequences" philosophy. Who cares about a few "slant eyes" right?

Comment Re:A strange game.... (Score 5, Insightful) 597

Losing China makes me all the more nervous of the nature of the DPRK's behavior in the future. While in some ways frustrating, the fact that China was playing big brother with North Korea served the purpose of making them more comfortable. All on their own they're far more likely to switch from a temper tantruming baby, to an animal backed into a corner. Any military action on North Korea's part will result in grave consequences for South Korea.

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