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Comment Re:UPS (Score 1) 293

The bigger question, though, is WHY THE FUCK can't we either disable whole-drive encryption, or at least set it to a key WE control, with some means to read the bits from even a drive that's totally nonfunctional SATA-wise (JTAG, SPI, whatever) and reconstruct it offline?

Can we do that with mechanical drives ? As someone who has to do quite a lot of data recovery recently (thank you WD 3TB Green)
I'm very interested in knowing how, also the WD Mybooks come with a hardware encryption PCB.
Has anyone had success of bypassing/cracking those, since they fail fairly often and the data on the disk is "scrambled" without them.

Comment Re:Hard to believe (Score 1) 804

How do you really know what you need? Which specs are really relevant?

The easies method: You open a taskmanager and have the user recreate its troubled session.
Then you look at what is starved (memory, cpu, IO) and by whom and you upgrade hardware
and tweak/replace the software if possible.

Sometimes you need to do this over a longer period then it's time to write some scripts to poll /proc, performance counters via WMI.

Comment Re:Thanks nVidia (Score 1) 237

What about hibernate/resume ? On one NVIDIA card I got it locking up (gt 610) and on another two
(9800 gt, 660 gtx) I can get them to resume but with the following issue. When I resume, I get a black screen, I can switch to the X tty (Ctrl-Alt-F7)
a few minutes later it switches back to a black screen. I can switch again and now it doesn't do it anymore.

I use slackware64-14.0 with alien's multilib packages.

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