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Comment Re:Low hanging fruit but where's the juice? (Score 1) 321

If all I'm doing is reading, my battery life is pretty damned long. As with any tablet, it's about all the other crap you might have running. I do agree that e-ink has its advantages depending on lighting conditions, but the first thing I learned was to switch to black background with white text, which solved some of the problems.

Comment Re:Get a surface (Score 1) 321

For reading books, I'm not going to get a full blown Windows device that costs several hundred dollars. Heck, for just reading, I think my Nexus 7 is way overpriced, but because I use it for other things like remote administration, it serves multiple purposes.

Comment Re:Low hanging fruit but where's the juice? (Score 5, Informative) 321

That's odd. Since in the last year I've read several novels, not to mention technical papers, essays and a few non-fiction books... all on my Nexus 7. Don't install much in the way of apps, and see no more ads on it than I do on my notebook or desktop.

Oh, I get it. You had this incredible attack against tablets, and you're not actually interested how they may be used on the ground. Do carry on with your biased and self-serving arguments.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 90

Google is hell-bent on making a magic textbox that "does everything" but that forces people to use additional keywords like "near" or "loc", which basically transforms the "single textbox" in a poorly implemented command-line. This is bad UX, plain and simple.

What's wrong with keywords ? For me it works very well, while Bing seems like a modern incarnation of Altavista.

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