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Comment Re:Whoosh (Score 1) 159

Most people purchasing are using Windows, and most of those users will use the Steam key provided. I don't know if Valve will charge HIB for using their bandwidth or how any of that works at all, but most of the bandwidth costs are just running their server smoothly during the sale.

Comment Tragic losses? (Score 2) 542

Isn't the developer fee like $100 a year? That seems incredibly removed from tragic. Yes, a developer or team might spend some of their own money to develop an app or advertise it, but that money is going elsewhere, and not Apple (except for buying the required Macs to actually develop). So it doesn't seem like a casino to me, just inexperience or bad reading of the market.

Comment Re:"you don't need to be a computer scientist" (Score 1) 645

My mother in law has an Android phone (along with her husband, my wife, her brother, my two sisters, and my mom) and she also runs Linux! She knows next to nothing about computers and I was sick of dealing with their Windows installation every time I visited, so a few years ago I installed Ubuntu and called it a day. Only questions I get now is when she accidentally drags the Gnome bar somewhere or there's a printer issue (and it has always been a physical printer issue, nothing with CUPS).

If my mother in law can run Android successfully, anyone can.

Comment Re:The strike zone *is* subjective, though. (Score 1) 141

Yeah, I pretty much agree with you. I like the semi-looseness of baseball: the phantom tags and such. Some of that has just been developed naturally for safety over the years and you would pretty much have to outlaw any kind of take-out slide to also eliminate phantom tags and such.

To me, baseball is what it is today from its history, nostalgia, and aura around the game. It might sound somewhat mystical, but in some ways, the umpires are as important to the game as the players. Plus, I don't want baseball to turn into football where they spend three minutes looking to make sure the feet land in bounds and all that, though I guess I don't mind instant replay for non-subjective things like foul balls and home runs.

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