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Comment Re:Duh. (Score 1) 897

The EPA standards have been updated twice. That car would rate far less than 50 MPG today. Your anecdote is not reproducible, was not performed in a scientific manner, and the "knees-under chin" method of conveyance doesn't really meet with practical standards.

Yes. I'm afraid a mile isn't what it used to be...

Nor are the back-seats of compact sedans, for that matter.

Comment Re:Duh. (Score 3, Interesting) 897

It almost makes you wonder if the automakers may have exaggerated the costs of compliance, the way they always do.

I mean really. Was there ever anyone who actually thought that 25mpg was really the best a small sedan could muster?

In 1978, the American roads were filled with a little car, that did 50 EMPG. The Datsun B-210.

In 1984, I rode in the back of one with three other passengers, knees-under chin. We went 425 miles to San Francisco, well under a single-tank. Our actual MPG was better than 55, with all that load.

Comment Re:You Use a Google Technology (Score 2) 238

Because Google's business model is to create a panopticon, and monetise th einformation they collect about their subscribers.

In short, you are inventory, not a customer. This is the Google imperitive. If you wish to paly on their field, you must understand their motivation. It is not to advance humanity, or "be cool", or any other fantasy.

Comment Re:That explains everything. (Score 4, Informative) 198

I need some input from the Lawn Crowd, did it feel like this in the Watergate days? I'm getting the horrible feeling that after a nice quiet 90's with nothing but a fun little sex scandal we're seeing a whole different class of nastiness today.

No, it wasn't like this.

Watergate was a relatively singular event, which elicited widescale public outrage. You couldn't go anywhere without it being a topic of convesation and dispute.

This is one of ten-thousand such outrages, perpetrated over the past decade. Like most of them, people don't know of it happening, or why it might even be wrong.

Sleep tight, America.

Comment Re:As seen in another Slashdot sig... (Score 1) 291

Running Linux in a VM on Windows is like strapping yourself to the outside of a car with a seatbelt.

If you wish to understand why Microsoft might offer to "support" CentOS on Hyper-V, I suggest you don your tinfoil Homburg, and review the Groklaw link:

Sandeep is the same fellow who wrote this nice letter from Microsoft.


Journal Journal: The Intro and The Outro

Over there, Eric Clapton, ukulele.... Hi Eric!
On my left Sir Kenneth Clark, bass sax.... A great honour, sir.
And specially flown in for us, a session's gorilla on vox humana.
Nice to see Incredible Shrinking Man on euphonium,
Drop out with Peter Scott on duck call,
Hearing from you later Casanova, on horn,
Yeah! Digging General de Gaulle on accordion....
Really wild, General! Thank you, sir.
Roy Rogers on Trigger.

The Matrix

Journal Journal: Matt Simmons 2

When you are REALLY on to something, you have an accident.

Sybil Edmonds distracts from the REAL capture of US by Israel. She will have a long and uneventful life.

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