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Comment Re:Healthcare (Score 1) 356

Yes the corporate interest is to not leave any money on the table, however if by lowering the cost you can get more people, there is a happy medium where you can maximize profit.

As the consumer you will want to get the most for less, or enough for less. However they are willing to pay a little more to get what they feel is in value.
It meets in the middle.

Comment Innovation rarely exists. (Score 4, Insightful) 100

When people say Innovative, we think of something that when we see it, we go Wow this is so cool I would never think of of that myself, and usually throws the rest of the industry in catch up mode.

Now the iPhone (not the iPad) was an innovative idea. Phones before the iPhone had external keyboards, at the expense of of screen size, or thickness. The idea of very few real buttons at the time was very foreign to us. And using gestures seemed almost impossible, as many early gesture systems had a lot of complicated gestures to get tasks done.
The iPhone wasn't innovative based on its features, there were other companies that had phones with more features or better hardware. But the innovation was able to successfully make a phone, that the advance feature were accessible and to the end users. The idea of say browsing the web on your phone, or have it as your main method to check for email seemed silly before, today it is quite common.
What happened after the iPhone kicked off, it threw the Industry in catch up mode. It took years for good Android phones to get into the market to start competing, and these new phones all are based on the iPhone.

Now the iPad isn't that innovative, it was easy to realize you take your iPhone and just give it a bigger screen, and fit better processing.

Other innovative products.
ID software 3D shooter. Wolfinstine 3d and Doom. They had some wire-frame attempts, and a few polygon based games. But games before that for the most part where 2d sprite based (Side Platform like Mario, or top down like Zelda), specificity for fast paced action games.

Nintendo Entertainment System. Unlike the Atari and other predecessors it didn't give any allusion that it was a person computer, just a straight game console. Priced more affordable than the others, and focusing on games.

Innovation is very rare. Most of the time it is copying someone else idea and tweaking it so there are different set of trade offs. Now their tweaks may change the market, but not as much as a innovative product.

How you choose to license your product, isn't really that big of a deal. Open Source, sure people can tinker with it coming with some new ideas. Commercial Software will have paid employees trying to come up with something new.

Comment Re:Healthcare (Score 1) 356

I didn't know that doctors, nurses, administrators, etc. all worked for free in the rest of the world.

I didn't know pharmaceutical companies were all non-profit, and researchers worked for room and board.

Everyone makes money off of health care; the only question is whether the profit goes to the hard working people or if the government bureaucrat gets the biggest slice.

Comment Re:Healthcare (Score 1) 356

America has a good health care system. The only thing is it is financed by private companies, and less by government.

We have a strong health care infrastructure, Hospitals, Dr. Offices, Clinics. Access to advanced medical equipment.

However our system take a capitalistic approach to health care, the more money you got the better your care.
Now this has its advantages.
1. Being that the rich are willing to pay for better services, it allows institutions to have better equipment.
2. Being that health care is on the persons dime (either directly or threw insurance) they are more likely to make decision if a particular care is worth it or not to take care of. Vs. a single payer system, where some procedures will be deemed by a higher authority as not worthy.

And it has its disadvantages.
1. Unequal quality of care
2. Basic services are more expensive.

But this study is about countries with out a proper health care network. And your obvious statement is only obvious after the evidence is shown, before that it was just a theory. Health Care may have a less impact, as the money saved in not spending on health care can go toward other things, to improve life. Or the amount of investment may be lower at 5% or higher say 25%

Comment Re:very understandable (Score 1) 784

No he doesn't have it backwards. The (campaigning part of the) NRA has specifically demanded crackdowns on the mentally ill in response to the latest shootings.

That's good thinking on their part. The last thing the NRA wants is for someone who has long, public conversations with imaginary friends to have a gun.

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