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Comment Re:very understandable (Score 1) 784

No he doesn't have it backwards. The (campaigning part of the) NRA has specifically demanded crackdowns on the mentally ill in response to the latest shootings.

That's good thinking on their part. The last thing the NRA wants is for someone who has long, public conversations with imaginary friends to have a gun.

Comment The US isn't always wrong. (Score 5, Interesting) 341

Corn is a major export crop of the United States.

Europe government wants to promote food that is grown within the Union. It really makes sense that a European scientist would feel pressured to find evidence against a primary US import.
As the US agriculture system is very efficient at making low cost food.

I know it is trendy to be Anti-American as it must be some conspiracy from big US companies to hide the truth, like with Big Tobacco.
But what if GM Food is actually perfectly safe like the science says it is.

Comment Re:interesting (Score 4, Insightful) 123

They are disadvantage on almost every thing out there.

You can pine on the disadvantages, or you can rate them and see how to fix them, without cutting into an other advantage, or increasing an other disadvantage.

Normally if a protocol is Fast, it is unsecured. if it is Secure, it is slow. If it is complex and full featured, there are a lot of failures in implementation, if it is solid, there is a lot less features.

Life is full of tradeoffs, Stop pining on the road you didn't take, and work on the road you took to make it better.

Comment Re:True or False (Score 4, Insightful) 123

Group think is the Opposite of Synergy.
Well it is the opposite outcome.

Unlike most people I actually know what Synergy means, and see how it is greatly misused.
Synergy is the process where a group of people working on a problem come up with a solution which is greater then the sum of what any individual could make.
Group Think is where the a group of people working on a problem come up with a solution which is less then the sum of what any individual could make.

Obtaining Synergy in an environment is very hard to achieve, because you need to make sure you don't have strong personalities trying pushing bad ideas thew their own force of will, or intimating position. People getting tired out from the process and settling on lesser ideas, reserved personalities not giving their ideas, and a slew of other things going on as well.

Group think is what usually comes out of these events, where the strongly supported stupid idea is forced down the thought, with issues not properly evaluated, and blank assumptions made.

Comment The inode is tied to the 8.3 (Score 1) 141

Even then, I think the patents only covered storing both forms of the filename so IIRC if you store only the long form and don't bother creating an 8.3 filename then I don't think you're technically in violation.

One still has to create an 8.3 filename because the information that would be associated with an inode in *n?x file systems is associated with the directory entry containing the 8.3 filename in FAT.

exFAT I'm not very sure about since I inevitably end up formatting them FAT32 anyway

Having to reformat is inconvenient. First, the user would lose all data on the card, which is kind of hard if the user is sharing the card with a camera or something. Second, the formatting tool that ships with Windows caps FAT32 at 32 GB. ("It's called FAT32, isn't it?" I know that's not the real reason, but first tier tech support is almost as clueless about these things as the public.)

Comment Dumb laws and patents (Score 1) 550

Have you ever heard of someone getting in trouble for anything similar?

Some jurisdictions have really oddball laws.

Could it easily harm someone or something if misused?

I guess this is the rationale behind banning circumvention devices and setting the burden of proof in cases involving reverse engineering for interoperability.

Have you ever heard of someone getting in trouble for anything similar?

Yes, just for running a software development business. Every patent is like a separate law banning the public from performing a particular process, and I gather that it's hard to keep up with the flood of patents that the USPTO issues.

Comment Re:How do I get started with IRL friending? (Score 1) 294

I wasn't offended so much as just frustrated with other users' flippant comments whose humor ides an underlying "I don't have to care; I've got mine" attitude.

My acquaintances come from work and church.

For several years, I worked in a very small business: one sales and business guy (not a gamer) and one developer (me). I changed jobs to a slightly larger small business a few months ago, but there's still the problem that I don't own a car, making it hard to set up play dates when city buses don't run on Saturday evenings, Sundays, or major holidays. I used to attend church until I saw the holes in the theology of the church I was attending. I'm so glad I got out of Jehovah's Witnesses before getting too deep.

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