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Comment Re:memories (Score 1) 168

We never had quotas, but in 1994 our entire university was on a 64k link, which quickly got saturated.

I also got most of the research papers I needed to read for my final year project via the internet, using the World Wide Web Worm search engine to find them. Most academic texts online were available for download as PostScript. Using the WWWW to find them was far quicker than spending hours in the library looking for similar stuff.

Comment Re:Type II? (Score 1) 119

The problem with HFCS isn't that it is HFCS, it's that it is absurdly cheap. This means it's going into all sorts of stuff you wouldn't normally expect sugar to be in, to make cheap crap food palatable. It even shows up in things like beef burgers, for example - where no one expects to find sugar. Unless you go out of your way to only buy natural fresh foods from premium suppliers, it can be difficult to avoid food with too much sugar. Now that's fine if you're middle class and can afford both the time and the higher cost of only fresh natural foods - but if you're time starved or cash starved (or both) you may go for foods you don't think would contain sugar only to find that they do because it makes cheap unpalatable food vaguely edible.

Comment Re:How was this historic? (Score 2) 44

First off, China does not go to the ISS (thankfully).
Secondly, for us to have bases in space and elsewhere, we need MULTIPLE launch systems. That way, when one has issues, then things can still go forward. Right now, the ISS is 100% dependent on Russia. We need for there to be 3 or more multiple human launchers and ideally at least 2 cargo launch systems in the same area. By that, I mean that ESA and Russia service cargo via the Russian ports. America has 2 services on the western berth (and now 3).

BTW, when SpaceX builds their 150-200 tonnes launch system over the next couple of years, we really need to have another complement it. Sadly, the SLS is NOT a good choice.

Comment Re:Here's the full story. (Score 1, Interesting) 682

Update the title to mention that you have a crazy ex who won't allow any contact. That'll definitely cut down on the number of rants.

Or it will change the nature of the rants from "you're a shitty parent" to various white knightings and people who believe that men experience equal justice before the law in family courts.

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