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Google Patents Image-Capturing Walking Sticks 117

theodp writes "GeekWire reports that Google has patented an image-capturing walking stick, which can boldly go where no Google Street View Car can. The walking stick has embedded cameras and location sensors, and a switch at the bottom that causes the device to snap pictures whenever the stick hits the ground. The patent also covers using canes and crutches in a similar fashion."

Comment Re:WTF?!?!?! (Score 1) 251

Ummm it was a disaster that put Windows in charge of all home markets in the 90's actually.

Well, no. It was the only thing keeping Apple afloat, because without familiarity everyone would have laughed it off as an expensive fruit machine. Apple's disaster was sticking with 68k chips and making the Quadra, then not sticking with 68k chips and using the PPC, which at the time was only competitive with the 68060, not outrageously faster; and meanwhile, the PC processors just ran away from the PowerPC because IBM was slowwwww to develop it into a faster processor, shock amazement. On the first hand they stuck with the 68k longer than they should have in the name of compatibility, and then they went to the PPC in the name of performance in spite of the ppc601 being slower than the then-available PC processors. It wasn't until the G3 and G4 that they had a speed advantage which was lost by the time the G5 came out.

Comment Re:I've actually used an RT (Score 1) 251

I've actually used an RT (Score:3, Interesting)
by Anonymous Coward on 06-18-13 14:14 (#44043477)
I'm probably one of the few on here who have used an RT.

Who are you? And why should we believe that you are anything other than a Microsoft shill when you are too cowardly to associate your identity with this comment?

Comment Re:aren't there laws against monopolistic practice (Score 1) 202

Verizon chooses not too. Obviously, they cannot think their customers do not value Netflix. Clearly, they don't care much about their customers -- or there's an alterior motive; or just plain ignorance, blindness, and stupidity.

No Verizon chooses not to because they can't charge $100 a month for cable video in a free market with actual competition. Thus they stop delivering other video service over the internet eliminating the competition.

GP's inability to spell should not have impeded your reading comprehension to this degree. We call that an ulterior motive.

Comment Re:So Intel is getting Nvidia GPU technology (Score 1) 111

Everyone should know Intel wanted to buy Nvidia, but would not accept Nvidia's demand to have their people run the combined company. The top of Intel is BRAINDEAD, composed of the useless morons who claimed credit for the 'core' CPU design, when all core was in reality was a return to Pentium 3, after Netburst proved to be a horrible dead-end.

They didn't just throw netburst away. Bits of it appeared in core, alongside the Pentium 3 technology.

Unlike PowerVR, which is largely a take it or leave it design (which is why Intel got nowhere with PowerVR), Nvidia comes with software experts (for the Windows drivers) and chip making experts, to help integrate the Nvidia design with Intel's own CPU cores.

The difference is that PowerVR is crap and has always been crap. I owned the Riva TNT, I owned the original PowerVR board, I owned the original 3dfx... I've owned examples of all (plus radeons) since and PowerVR is the biggest failure, their drivers are even worse than AMD's.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 111

I usually don't buy AMD to avoid the repeated erratum issues.

Intel errata lists are not only plenty long, but the probability of them increasing in size with bugs they didn't find and/or didn't want to admit initially is... well, let's just say I produced an FDIV error while trying to calculate it.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 111

The question I have is why this is actually necessary. Is the market actually demanding to pair nvidia GPUs with crappy CPU cores? Because nVidia is already pairing them with good ones and offering SoCs, e.g. Tegra. Tegra has a metric assload of CPU, it's hard to imagine that they couldn't offer a dual-core and a quad-core version and cover the vast majority of cases.

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