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Comment Re:The problem with averages (Score 1) 589

Here is my problem with the way we teach math. Calculus is not advanced. It is a different method to doing math. I use calculus all the time. Not because I'm doing Integrals, but because I see the world with Calculus. It is possible to learn Calculus without applying it to the world. What a waste though.

Comment Re:"begging to"? (Score 1) 473

Sounds like the real issue is that Judges rarely have vested interest in the defendants (or the plaintiffs for that matter). I say rarely not because some Judges bring familial bias, but because some Judges have the pleasure of working in small communities where they know enough about everyone. My step-dad being a Municipal Justice of the Peace in Montana is counter-example to every case of cold, hard justice. Of course it's only for those who are silly enough to have municipal problems in small-town MT.

Comment Re:The Taliban blames the victim (Score 1) 473

The internet has nothing to do with this. Also, we are freely available to take nude pictures of ourselves without fear of their public display, unless we ourselves put them in the public arena. Facebook is not the public arena. It is relatively open, and that should be taken into consideration. Posting a picture to a private Facebook account is not the same as posting a picture to a public tumblr account.

Comment Re:The Taliban blames the victim (Score 1) 473

Have we grown into a culture of automatically following the rules and doing what we're told without question?

Grown? Our country and culture are based on a deep appreciation of the rule of law. We can pretend that we're a nation of revolutionaries, but that is not in any actual sense true.

Comment Re:This is a country that wants in the EU (Score 1) 444

Why does a religion have to use make believe? My God is a not a man in the sky, nor a being in an after life. My God is a collection of things that my physical and mental faculties are unable to properly process or appreciate. There is nothing supernatural or metaphysical about my God. My God is mystical the same way that human evolution is mystical. We may know the how, but we certainly don't know the why. And as science tells me that I am an emotional being long before my logical processes are able to fire, it makes sense that my God is a more fundamental force in my behavior than science.

tldr; Einstein:"science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."

Comment Re:Does it matter? (Score 1) 226

No opinion lives in a void. Knowing that someone uses a particular device or not, or even if they are preferential to a company or not, gives important information that should not have to be gleaned from an opinion. And no, you don't have to root for a team, but what's the fun in watching? Seeing some good fundamentals? Ok, we are nerds, that is a great reason to watch!

Comment Re:And (Score 1) 93

As far as I'm concerned, as an American, the entire point of reading the article is to give me a new perspective on my leaders. I have no context for how this affects Vietnam or it's people. I can make brash assumptions about Vietnam's Orwellian society or whatever, but I have no skin in that game. I do not keep track of the pros and cons of world governments, especially not one as unimportant to my life as Vietnam.

Where this does affect me is allowing my eyes to open to similar abuses around me. Where before I was not outraged at an Identity Protection Agency keeping tabs on Congress-critter Brightbottom's online persona, now I will be giving Brightbottom's people a sharp talking. This can leak into my psyche and change how I view an online persona. Perhaps I've had no opinion about this topic. I am annoyed by propaganda and begin investigating the topic. I read up on the Identity Protection Agency that Brightbottom employs and learn that such antics are generally unimportant, so I can ignore this as just another futile sign of weakened power.

Comment Re:java is shit (Score 1) 226

I think you overstate your case. When I click the Windows Start button on XP it does respond. What I want of course must wait for the data to be available and rendered, but at least the Start button appears in a different state than prior to clicking. It gives me reason to believe the computer has acknowledged my action and will respond.

Often my interactions on my Android phone take time to give me any response. That is a failure and any app should work diligently to fix it as I am happy to use a different app. My phone is not a person, I do deserve to lord over it.

Comment Re:Tell him to write goddamn login page himself? (Score 3, Insightful) 507

Given the GP's vitriol, I'm guessing he's one of those self-taught coders who has to deal with someone telling him his code is poor. My experience shows that self-taught coders do write a lot more code, but tend to write it without understanding how it's less maintainable. Us college learners try to write less code that does more, but often end up in the design phase longer than necessary.

Comment Re:What's the big deal? (Score 1) 305

You've missed the point. None of those things allow someone to know exactly where someone is located in real time. If a school administrator fancies one of the students, this system enables knowing exactly where a student is and if any other students are nearby. And then what happens when students start building readers. This goes downhill quickly.

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