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Comment Re:Look out! (Score 1) 177

Or, what will really happen is that the government will make devices capable of creating images of pages illegal, with an over-the-top prison sentence for those who use them.

Comment Re:What goes around, comes around... (Score 1) 619

Obviously it depends on the person entirely. For me I coded as a hobby and I ended up getting a job because of the skills I had developed. The challenges I faced at work and solutions I came up with helped inspire me and I found at 5:30 each day I couldn't wait to get back home and develop based on thoughts that I've had during the day. That is, of course, if I get my head out of work mode and don't hang around the office trying to pick up loose ends. I love my job, of course there are downsides and days I don't want to be there, but I wouldn't change it ever. My point is that all people are different. Some people want to keep work and hobbies seperate, while others enjoy an activity so much that they want as much as possible. So don't call things a lie.

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