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Comment Re:First-hand experience (Score 1) 66

We had a company with those requirements and we refused point blank to allow it Internet access. We allowed them a one day trial to prove it was secure and of course it was riddled with viruses within hours. We then forced them to wipe and reinstall it, and plugged it in to our isolated production network.

The guys designing and working with these systems haven't the first clue about IT, let alone security.

Comment Re:Hospital (Score 4, Interesting) 89

No way to easily report the files? You just email them in, a 30 second phone call to Sophos will get you the details.

In a previous role we would help clean users home computers from time to time, and we discovered a good number of new viruses. I submitted half a dozen viruses to Sophos that weren't being picked up by any virus scanners. They confirmed them all within a few days, and signatures were added within weeks. The whole process is incredibly easy.

Comment Re: education vs. learning (Score 1) 385

Same here, I used to get marked A for attainment, and B or C for effort. I never could understand exactly what else I was meant to do when the work was so easy and I was bored out of my brains.

At university I was so bored in lectures I got into the habbit of completing the previous weeks assignment during the lectures, and taking notes at the same time. Still got good marks, the biggest problem I had was staying awake.

After taking a year out I realised real work had more challenges and more opportunities, and kept me interested in a way education never had. I quit my degree and have never looked back. I have two girls of my own now, and my main focus is to make sure they don't get bored at school and actually get to work to their level, whatever that may be.

Comment Set it and forget it - my tips (Score 2) 503

As a log term windows admin who's cleaned up more home computers than I care to count, here are my tips:

1. Ensure windows updates are set to download and install automatically.
2. Install AVG Free, sure MS essentials is good, but I guarantee every virus is written to avoid it, I go with 3rd party AV wherever possible.
3. Install Chrome for web browsing, sync the account to google
4. Setup his account as a regular user, don't give him the admin password
5. Setup something to backup Warcraft, it's a huge download, you don't want to be doing it again if you need to reinstall

And that's it, it's basic security but win7 is pretty good, the above has been enough to keep our home XP machine safe for many years.

Ultimately it's a kids computer and they're going to click anything shiny, sooner or later it will get a virus. There are a few key points to bear in mind here:

1. It's going to happen, preventing it is pretty much impossible.
2. Your other computers are Linux, so the risk to them is negligible.
3. Most viruses these days are botnets or phishing, so long as he's not spending a fortune on a debit card, the risk to him is minimal.
4. All the software I recommended will update itself, so it's zero maintenance. That's a major factor in keeping windows secure.
5. If it does end up riddled with viruses, a quick re-install over the top, followed by a sync to google and it's all back to normal, including your files and settings.

Comment Re:First Intel, now AMD? (Score 1) 229

I suspect it's more a case of Intel and AMD wanting to break into the mobile space, but not wanting to take on ARM head to head. Win8 products give them that opportunity. Thry'll target Android when they have a product that's competitive with ARM, until then no manufacturer would have any reason to use their hardware for an Android product.

Comment Re:A secure approach to insecure software (Score 1) 175

Riiiight. Because requiring every single programmer in the world to design perfect software with no errors is sooooo much easier than adding extra security to the OS.

People make mistakes, it's why the term human error exists. In the real world people accept this and work with it. It isn't something you can eliminate.

Comment Fujitsu snapscan, and maintain it (Score 2) 311

As others have said, Fujitsu Snapscan. For around £350 you get a compact dual sided scanner that just works. We used them in a previous job and they had no trouble scanning thousands of pages a week with almost no jams.

Also, if any scanner starts to pick up multiple sheets or jam, look for a maintenance kit. Replacing the pads and rollers is a simple, routine task and does wonders. We kept spares in stock and had to service scanner feeds every couple of years or so.

Comment Re:Why is this relevant? (Score 1) 372

I wouldn't count out Autodesk, they are big MS fans and have a tendency to jump on the last and greatest. At the very least I would expect a tablet compatible viewer; that allows the kinds of demonstrations that sell product.

Autocad proper will be x86 only, but there will almost certainly be some MS tablet support.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 161

There's already at least one virus that successfully worked around this with a man in the middle attack: Instead of trying to make a payment directly, it modified a payment you were making. Of course the bank prompted for an authorisation code, but as the user was making a payment they were expecting this, and promptly entered the details, sending some random amount to an account controlled by the virus writers.

The really clever bit was that it also re-wrote the screen display, to make it appear as though your expected transaction had gone through. It calculated the appropriate balance, and even re-wrote the online statements so nothing appeared out of place. It was running for many, many months before it was discovered.

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