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TV Isn't Broken, So Why Fix It? 839

PolygamousRanchKid sends this quote from a contentious article at CNN that questions the need for further development of TVs and the entire TV-viewing experience. "The technology industry is absolutely bent on reinventing television. ... But nobody seems to be able to answer the big question: what exactly is so broken about TV anyway? The tech industry is filled with engineers and geeks. They naturally want to optimize the TV experience, to make it as efficient and elegant as possible, requiring the fewest number of steps to complete a particular task while offering the greatest number of amazing new features. But normal people don't think about TV that way. TV is passive. The last thing we want to do is work at it. ... As long as there's something on — anything — that is reasonably engaging, we're cool. Most of us are even OK spending a few minutes just shuffling through channels at random." So, what do you think is broken about TV right now? Is there a point at which it'd be better for us to stand back and say "We've done what we can with this. Let's work on something else"?

Comment Re:sounds like a geek stroking geek ego (Score 1) 335

No, not "a lot". Very, very few. This is a common delusion among black youth, thinking they're going to make it big in sports. There are only 30 NBA teams, with 15 players each. Each team has only a few new hires each year, maybe 4. So that's 2.9 million high school graduates potentially competing for 120 jobs.

No, not "a lot". Very, very few. This is a common delusion among youth, thinking they're going to make it big in entertainment. There is only 1 Lady Gaga, who is famous for her singing and breaking social norms (wearing dresses made of meat, etc). It's unlikely that more than 1 or at most a handful of people could become successful for this. So that's 2.9 million high school graduates potentially competing for 1 job.

Comment sounds like a geek stroking geek ego (Score 4, Insightful) 335

Not saying the headline's claim is true or untrue, but... these are all examples of very rare individuals - the luckiest or the most skilled of all the geeks, that made it big.

If you go by that argument, I can also point out that alot of the jocks from high school are now making many, many millions of dollars as professional athletes (NFL, NBA, etc.)

Disclaimer: Didn't RTFA, but still, dumb argument.

Comment Re:it's a hoax, why is this on slashdot? (Score 1) 131

Eh.. my arguments may not hold up, but I'm just applying occams razor. Simplest explanation is that this is a hoax.

Read this thread where these screenshots first showed up back in January (from a new account with a single post). And decide for yourself...

Comment it's a hoax, why is this on slashdot? (Score 1) 131

It's FAKE. It's a HOAX.. Look at the apps in the app store list:

* Angry Birds: Not by "clickgamer" it's by Rovio.
* Windows 7 Ultimate? As an app you can download from Windows 8?
* "App Store" is trademarked by Apple.
* Title bar text isn't centered like in other Win8 leaks.

FAKE. move along, nothing to see here....

Comment The Difference... (Score 1) 1486

When someone makes an extrordinary claim in science (i.e., cold fusion), many others must also reproduce and verify the claim before people have faith in it. If it can't be verified, then people won't have faith in it.

For real theories, even though we're trusting experts, the experts can continually provide consistent results that support the theories.

When someone makes an extrordinary claim in religion (i.e., cured blindness via prayer), it has generally not been possible to verify or reproduce the claims (or else a lucrative business would be starting blindness cure clinics where people pray for you until you're healed, right?). But people still have faith anyway. That's the difference.

With religion, even the experts can't reproduce or verify their own claims. (If prayer really worked better than western medicine, you would see a faith healer replace the surgeon general)

Comment Re:Baby puke green? (Score 1) 179

Thus, to keep a spacecraft operating effectively, a full analysis must be done to take into account all energy (thermal or otherwise) sources in a spacecraft and redirect energy to appropriately sized energy sinks (radiators, heat-pies, etc.).

Mmmmmmmm... heat-pies.. glarggghughhhhhh *Drool*

Comment Re:Math fail? (Score 2) 445

Everyone.. it's not 1.4M sales in a year.

As of March 9th, we've had a total of 67 full days in the year. (31 in jan, 28 in feb, 8 in march). This year we have 365 days. Our year is only 18.35616% over.

350k sales in 67 days translates to 1907k sales in 365 days.
1907k * $0.99 * (35%) = $660.8k

Comment Re:This game is random , you can't outsmart someon (Score 1) 292

Yeah, if you guess purely random, you will probably win only 50% of the time. The real trick is to outguess the computer by figuring out what it thinks that you think.

In reality, I beat the first 7 rounds, then lost 10 in a row. Then later lost about 12-15 rounds in a row and ragequit immediately.


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