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Comment Re:It's the stigma (Score 1) 366

I make this point... if you are so goddamn special with your 10 year degree, come on down and prove it face to face in the jungle, I have already proven it in your steel and concrete world. I guarantee I would win this contest.

Says the anonymous coward - thus offering no evidence that you've proven it in the first place.

Comment Re:Fatter? (Score 1) 299

Why would this make us more obese, this won't make more fat food then we already have, just a new way of doing it. It will just put a few low paid cooks out of a job and leaves one job for some guy that fixes the machine.

No, this was just an opportunity for the author to jump on the American self-hate that's in vogue right now.

Comment Re:so why would i buy a blackberry? (Score 3, Informative) 193

instead of an iphone or one of the Galaxy phones?

do they do anything that iOS or Android does not?

Well, you cannot get your meeting schedules synced to your BMW without a Blackberry.

But with 10, I think RIM is losing one important selling point - the physical keyboard. -snip-.

No, RIM is releasing models with both all-touch and physical keyboards.

Comment Re:The question is... (Score 3, Insightful) 193

I'd be more interested in finding out how many of those are even legit.

That's not a platform issue, it's an asshattery issue. You can also find tens of thousands of apps that are repackaged iOS/Android apps on iOS/Android - with few or no changes.

Like any other platform, they can't reasonably go to check each app submission against every known platform and verify the credentials of the developer match up - it's not realistic which is why none of the others do it.

RIM has made it very easy for any legitimate app developer to file a claim and have an app taken down - and responds to such complaints much more quickly than its rivals based on actual results.

Comment Re:The question is... (Score 3, Informative) 193

Quite relevant because what matters is the true count of useful applications - not the filler. By your reckoning (1:1000) that means RIM has 15 useful applications for BB10. Nothing to brag about. I've got 4 times that many very useful iOS apps on the devices I own and I've just scratched the surface. Android using friends of mine have dozens of useful apps on theirs.

More specifically it means that they have 15 useful applications *from this portathon*. I suspect the number to be higher - as it's fairly easy to port opengl games and html5 apps, outside of android apps.

They've already said they'll have over 70k apps at launch - it's not like this one-weekend event is their only effort to get applications on the platform. Unofficial estimates put them over 100k. That'll mean ~100 useful apps (if we stick with 1:1000) -- whhich is, frankly, on par with other platforms.

They've also previously said that they have 90% of the most popular 600 android and ios apps, and 18 of the top 20 apps .

Comment Re:He Is Free Now (Score 1) 589

He chose to take his own life. It was his decision. I don't agree with it, and I don't endorse it as a reasonable choice, but it was his decision.

Indeed. A selfish decision, but his decision - one that he made in freedom. He was also free to choose to live.

He had freedom before he killed himself. Now he's dead - no more choices left. That's not freedom. That's dead.

Comment More sources? (Score 1) 589

So far, the only information found is ultimately sourced back to his uncle - no other confirmation.

Then we have this from his last blog entry:

Thus Master Wayne is left without solutions. Out of options, it’s no wonder the series ends with his staged suicide.

Not saying this is fake, just that I'd like to see something from an official source .

Comment Re:RIM isn't any better (Score 1) 264

Except that they have provided access, to several governments.

They have provided access to consumer data to (presumably) every government that wants it, the same as any other carrier does.

They don't have the ability to provide access to BES-encrypted data. They themselves don't have access - it's encrypted with a private key specific to each instance of BES.

Comment Re:RIM isn't any better (Score 5, Informative) 264

If you're using BES, it's all encrypted - it goes through RIM's servers, but RIM can't read it.

Hence the big kerfuffle about governments insisting on access to BES data, and RIM's refusal to give it -- they literally can't.

Consumer email/BIS access is a different story. RIM does have access to that, and presumably government as well (similar to what any other provider gives).

Comment Re:Anonymous has become Batman. (Score 1) 436

Anonymous, however, has no vested interest either way in the lives, well-being and reputations of those in Steubenville Ohio - or their football team (which, if you read the NYT article, seems to be the main concern of many in the town)

No? You're sure of that? Are you sure of the opposite - they don't have an axe to grind with any of the people involved?

Because it seems to me, given the inclusive nature of Anonymous - that is, the membership requirement consists of saying you're in Anonymous - we really don't know what their motives are. Could be they're from across the country and really have no involvement - or it could be they're from across the street and doctored up some evidence.

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