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Comment Re:Don't forget SOX (Score 1) 164

If what you know about Sarbanes-Oxley comes from Slashdot, you probably think it is significantly wider in scope than it actually is. You're correct: Sarbanes-Oxley is only tangentially related to IT, but somehow Slashdot thinks that it's this big huge-ass problem. See here for more information:

Specifically this:
"The 2007 SOX guidance from the PCAOB[1] and SEC[2] state that IT controls should only be part of the SOX 404 assessment to the extent that specific financial risks are addressed, which significantly reduces the scope of IT controls required in the assessment."


Comment Re:I keep trying (Score 1) 483

For (1), from your comments, your scanner works fine. You're supposed to use different software for converting the scanned files out of PNM or TIFF (see e.g. pnm2ps, tiff2pdf). You're also supposed to use different software for concatenating the scanned pages together so you can collate copies when you reprint the scanned images (see GhostScript). If you want to do OCR, you can choose between GOCR, Ocrad, Tesseract-OCR, and possibly others.

If you'd like GUI versions of these programs or a One-Ring-To-Rule-Them-All, then search for a GUI wrapper written in some scripting language or write one yourself, which would really not be that hard to do. The Linux and Unix way it to separate logically distinct tasks into different programs and then have the user or a high-level wrapper glue them together when someone wants to do them all at once like you're requesting.

For (2), you would need to be a lot more specific to permit a detailed rebuttal. If you're complaining about missing features in Mono, you could report them to the Mono team since the project is under active development. Many people write productive applications in Mono, so maybe you have unusually specialized needs if it does not "come close" for you. If, however, that is the case, the .NET Framework SDK actually does run in WINE, so you could easily use that if you want. If instead of actually complaining about Mono, you're complaining about whatever IDE you've used to program in .NET on Linux, that's a different complaint, and my response is that you need to quit whining, try the different Linux IDEs, and pick one that suits you, because none is really better or worse than another as IDEs are rated entirely by personal preference. KDevelop is probably your closest Visual Studio clone.

For (3), yes it does:

Good day,

Comment Re:Wow, (Score 1) 1079

Technologically, we are very close to having a system where we can hold cops and everyone else accountable. What we need are the following:

1. A video camera small enough to unobtrusively wear.
2. A wireless Internet connection fast enough to stream the video to a server in a secure location.
3. Enough space on the server to hold the stream for a decent amount of time (say a day or a week).

Once we have that, any individual will be able to provide video evidence of ... well, everything. Muggings, unless the suspect's face was fully covered, or police brutality, or anything else the person witnessed. This will be a good day.


Comment Re:My head reels from the spin. (Score 1) 1079

>Did you know that in the United States, 1st amendment freedom of expression does NOT apply to advocacy for drug reform or drug use? The Supreme Court has affirmed that speech advocating the use of drugs or reform of drug laws is not protected in any way and government officials can legally ban it or restrict it in any way. The government can, and has, passed laws forbidding depicting the use of drugs on television and radio, or any advocacy for drug use or drug reform.

I call BS. Political speech is always protected speech up to and in some cases including advocating the overthrow of the government. Do you have a case you think stands for that precedent?


Comment Re:It's about social status... (Score 1) 836

I did fine in calculus, but it probably was a waste of time to require it for a CS degree. I never used it again. It's probably only good for weeding people out who can't think logically and thus would fail in later CS courses. I have no personal knowledge if BlakeyRat was "weeded out" erroneously.

I think they should drop the calculus requirement and maybe teach Automata Theory to first-year students or something.


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