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Comment Re:Not a troll but.... (Score 1) 708

I think you meant that consumer laptops are homogeneous, and you're right. That's why I got a refurbished ThinkPad - got 1440x900 resolution and 7200 rpm HDD, great keyboard etc. I don't have unwanted features thrown in but I can install them myself if I wanted to (like WiMax or 3G).

Comment Dvorak user here (Score 1) 362

While I could touch type on a Sholes keyboard, I only utilized 4-6 fingers and had a nasty habit of looking at the keys even if I didn't need to (scrambled/blank keys helped against that). Went cold turkey and learned to touch type with 10 fingers on Dvorak and never looked back. I use Sholes on my phones physical keyboard, but it's all thumbs anyway.

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