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Comment Re:Not a troll but.... (Score 1) 708

I think you meant that consumer laptops are homogeneous, and you're right. That's why I got a refurbished ThinkPad - got 1440x900 resolution and 7200 rpm HDD, great keyboard etc. I don't have unwanted features thrown in but I can install them myself if I wanted to (like WiMax or 3G).

Comment Dvorak user here (Score 1) 362

While I could touch type on a Sholes keyboard, I only utilized 4-6 fingers and had a nasty habit of looking at the keys even if I didn't need to (scrambled/blank keys helped against that). Went cold turkey and learned to touch type with 10 fingers on Dvorak and never looked back. I use Sholes on my phones physical keyboard, but it's all thumbs anyway.

Comment Re:Not that surprising from Belarus (Score 1) 111

Belarus avoided the collapse that plagued all other former Soviet republics (including Russia) by keeping its system intact and has a higher standard of living than the others because of it.

What the fuck have you been smoking? No, I don't want any.
They have the one of the lowest standard of living, only places like Moldova can compete. I'm from Estonia. We had our collapse and built a better system. Belarus wasn't doing that good in the 90s either, but they haven't really made any progress either. My friends who have visited say that the country is an alternate universe where the USSR never collapsed.

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