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Comment Re:All is fair (Score 2, Interesting) 426

I'm not going to get into your theory, but as a web developer, anything that gets people to move from IE6 is a good thing to me. Like MobileMe, if Gmail is going to be the next huge webapp that helps move the web to a baseline of IE7, I'm all for it. We need the big companies and apps to push the change otherwise it will never happen.

Comment Re:Normal People? (Score 2, Informative) 1019

Um.. I'm just going to have to disagree with you on that. You cannot bitch and moan because OS X doesn't behave like Windows or KDE (which are arguably very similar in terms of their needless complexity when it comes to UI paradigms).

Seriously, a + is difficult and somehow unintuitive? How about File -> New, or Command + N?

Or if you'd just prefer a large unwieldy button that ads to the problem regarding consistency and too much shit on the screen with KDE and Windows...

You just can't use a Mac and expect it to be Windows. You'll be frustrated if you can't get over this part. When I got my first Mac in 2004, I used it at the same time as my PC and had similar issues overcoming things I'd expect to behave like Windows. I decided I'd stop using Windows to try to get over the baggage in expectations I'd have, and now 4 years later I go insane having to deal with some of the idiotic UI issues that plague Windows. Just compare System Preferences to Control Panel...

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