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Comment Re:Was he really criticizing religion per se? (Score 0) 775

Actually- Persons that really attempt to study the Bible will find that it it harmonious and accurate with science ( except for evolution) , and history. It has practical wisdom, IT has fulfilled prophecy. It has candour. (There is) No other book written over a 1600 year period that is harmonious with itself. I could go on but I Know you just dont want to hear it.

Comment Re:Not lots of code (Score 1) 532

250000 is not a lot of code. Try over a million lines of C for train control of a transit authority. Purchased (read inherited) in escrow because management and the vendor got into a disagreement. The head software guru was upper class as far as I was concerned. I was the network guy. No documentation or very light. He had to live in the code but he was that kind of guy. My hat is off to him, I don't know how he did it

Comment Re:12,900 years ago? (Score 1) 210

What do you mean "absolutely no empirical evidence?" Time and time again science has proved the bible correct and accurate. And as for the thousand years - you obviously don't know the the bible's prophesies are not done yet, in Revelation after Armageddon, a thousand years later the beast is thrown into the "lake of fire". You could wait for the the end of prophesy before you accuse of "no empirical evidence". Of course, you wont be around then will you?

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