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Comment Bad headline.. another bad reporting.. sigh (Score 1) 117

Getting fustrated at /.'s constant missreporting in its headlines and articles these days, its worse than digg and thats saying something. It was ported to linux years ago, the series has always been a multiplatform game. this is just a combination of all three games into one pack. its worth the money easly but still, stop with the missleading headlines.

Comment Re:Somebody explain to me why HTML5 != evil (Score 3, Interesting) 361

html was never really designed to do much more than have a single "document" that can link to other "documents" on the internet. over time dynamic ideas were tacked on such as javascript but it still has never been designed in such a way that 'app-y' ideas can be created without hacking up the 'document' model.

Thus html 5 attempts to correct this by modifying the original 'document' model so that it now supports 'documents' and 'app-y' ideas. its not evil, its progress.

Comment Re:Why would that be a showstopper? (Score 2, Insightful) 384

Its a show stopper for me? I was looking into mobile phone development a few months ago, no native C = no open source C libraries i can use (glib/gobject/gtk/clutter etc...)

I don't want to have to reinvent the wheel over and over again in java when my C stack does it fine just now.

Mostly I just don't want my freedom of choice removed, this is supposed to be the worlds open source mobile OS, but in reality it feels just as closed off as anything else, Its their way or the highway.

Comment We tried something like this once before.. (Score 3, Insightful) 191

Remeber - its a neat little tag that is really quite powerful in the right hands, everything supports it but internet explorer, google made a plugin for IE but still no website uses canvas because you can't ignore the fact that no IE user has it (until HTML 5 if IE stays standards complient).

I would *love* opengl ES like 3d rendering in javascript, with a fast enough javascript engine you could do some great things, at the last you could make fluid websites without the need for a flash plugin eating up cpu... but alas i feel this is doomed to the same fate as our old google canvas plugin for IE.


Submission + - Complaint to FSA on Phorm's statements to market (nodpi.org)

AlexanderHanff writes: "NoDPI have sent a letter of complaint to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) regarding Phorm Inc.'s statements to the press and market news services regarding support of legal compliance from various UK Government Departments and Regulators.

Phorm claim that the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), the Home Office and the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (DBERR or BERR) have all cleared Phorm's WebWise technology as being fully compliant under UK and EU Law.

This is contrary to action taken by the European Commission earlier this week, who have initiated legal proceedings against the UK Government specifically for failing to uphold and enforce EU Privacy Directives regarding Phorm's covert trials with BT in 2006/2007.

Furthermore, NoDPI have produced statements from DBERR, ICO and the Home Office which contradict Phorm's statements to the press and market news services this week.

NoDPI are calling for the FSA to investigate whether or not Phorm's statements to the market can be seen as breaking the rules of trading as they are misleading and could even be interpretted as fraudulant."

Comment was there something wrong with $1million games? (Score 1) 511

I liked games for the previous generation, I liked $500,000 games, hell i liked games made for 10p written in someone's bedroom for the zx spectrum. I think the movie industry analogy can play in here, Stop making 100 million dollar block busters that are supposed to appeal to everyone but ultimately make everyone not care, just remove the controlled explosions, the CGI and the stupidly expensive actors that bring nothing and go back to your roots, diversify and find a new audience. Making something smaller that a small group of people will love and defiantly buy is a much sounder plan than making something huge and hoping that magically it will appeal to everyone (because it damn well better, it cost you 25 million dollars!)

Comment I try and point this out every time (Score 1) 136

I would just like to point out, Ray tracing is not some holy grail of perfection, far from it. Indeed buck for buck, rasterisation provides the same or higher image quality for a much lower cost.

Now obviously there are instances where raytracing helps, reflections and refractions can be generated on a per-pixel bases rather than rendering the reflection/refraction as a separate image and stretching/squishing said images in order to produce a similar effect. But saying this, if you render these separate images at a high enough quality you will get the same detail as a raytraced image, and still at a much lower cost than raytracing.
Ray tracing also does not help with shadows; For example, soft shadows. To raytrace a soft shadow you have to send out at least 16 rays per shadow calculation, for each light and even then your gonna suffer from nasty artefacts. Compared to the raster solution which involves rendering the zbuffer of any given light source and merely doing some blurring. same quality, much reduced cost.

I just wish that instead of investing so much time and effort into raytracing solutions people would instead apply the hardware that's generating these raytracing engines to a raster solution, if you took a conservative estimate of raster being 10x than raytracing for any given operation, then we are talking a huge leap forward in quality, a much larger leap than ray-traced reflections/refractions would give us.

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