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Comment This is the tip of the iceberg (Score 1) 161

Companies are starting to notice people are willing to pay money not only for in game items, but also for perks that used to come in the form of cheat codes. So users are being given the choice to either spend hours unlocking stuff through gameplay or pay up to unlock them immediately.

Gameloft is one of the worst offenders, Modern Combat 3, which is a clear ripoff of the CoD Modern Warfare series allows users to purchase kill streak rewards with real cash.

Worst thing is, they've only just started to figure this stuff out, give it a couple years... we, as gamers are screwed.

Comment Re:iOS5 won't run on iPhone 1st gen or 3G (Score 1) 770

While I will concede the data in the chart is technically correct, it is designed to make it look like all iPhone models were up to date 3 years after release (through creative use if the term "major version"), which simply isn't true, the last version of iOS with support for the iPhone 3G came out just over 2 years after it was released, and even then it was running a crippled down version with no support for multitasking APIs.

Comment Re:open OSS search (Score 1) 274

This raises the question: when do we get an "open" open-source* search engine?

*one we have the source-code to, so we know that our search results are genuine; and also one we can rely on for not sharing our thoughts with other parties.

Never, if you know how it works you'll know how to game it, 99% of results will belong to spammers.

Comment Re:Impatient, much? (Score 1) 362

4.0 is 3.0 with support for small devices, the source for Honeycomb was withheld to stop developers from attempting to shoehorn it into phones and make fragmentation worse than it already is. The first Honeycomb devices started to come out during February/March, which is hardly "almost a year".

Comment Re:Umm.... (Score 0) 362

Really? Because last I checked the source code of ever major version not named honeycomb had been released.

If they ever decide to stop releasing the source, self entitled trolls like you still have no right to complain: They've released more OS source code than Apple and Microsoft combined ever will.

As far as Honeycomb goes it has been explained to death that it was a quick fix to get Android on tablets, ICS is essentially Honeycomb with phone support, they've gone on record to say the source will be released, and it'll likely be out in a month or two, so take it easy.

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