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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 598

WPF requires 3.0 or above, and WPF is so very attractive because it's much less pain than Windows Forms (finally, autosizing of widgets and built-in themability). Problem is, MS has finally released a GUI toolkit worth using but the majority of Windows machines are still running XP and therefore the first WPF application you ever use will require this massive (relative to the size of the application) dependency.

Comment Re:what a laugh (Score 1) 524

Damn right. I think I'd kill myself if I had to do webdesign for a living.

Here are some nice example of IE7 failures I experienced recently while attempting to style a site:

Comment Re:RAID doesn't protect against your worst enemy (Score 1) 803

I actually did this once - just a simple case of tab-whoring and doing things too fast for my own good (it was rm -rf . in my case, in my home directory).

It was a good experience in that ever since that point I've actually been running daily incremental and weekly full backups of everything important to somewhere a normal user has no read/write access. And by 'important', I mean documents etc., not the 500GB of media. It's all about risk vs. cost, and I just don't have anywhere to backup that much data to, when most of it can be reacquired. In fact, I just back up a list of my media instead to make that process easier.

There's a lot of 'ideal solution' stuff being thrown around here, but the fact is that it's not practical for 99.9% of people. Most home user data is not worth the £10000 an ideal backup solution would cost.


Charges Dropped In PA Video Taping Arrest 177

Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed has reversed himself completely over the charges against Brian Kelly, arrested for wiretapping after videotaping a police stop. Now let's see if they are good enough to compensate Kelly for the 26 hours he spent in jail and the anguish of the cloud over his future caused by a felony arrest. From the article: "... [DA] Freed said his decision will affect not only Brian Kelly, 18, but also will establish a policy for police departments countywide. 'When police are audio- and video-recording traffic stops with notice to the subjects, similar actions by citizens, even if done in secret, will not result in criminal charges,' Freed said yesterday. 'The law itself might need to be revised.'"

Eta Carinae, Soon To Be a Local Supernova 317

da4 writes "Phil Plait over at Bad Astronomy has a great article about Eta Car, a star approx 7,500 light years away from us that's ready to supernova sometime Real Soon Now." Larger versions of the Hubble-Chandra image of Eta Car are available at the Chandra site. Of course when astronomers say it's "about to explode," they really mean it probably exploded 6,500 to 7,500 years ago and we're awaiting the news.
The Internet

Submission + - Musicians Fight For Net Neutrality

Erin Lenseth writes: "Musicians are now fighting for net neutrality,fearing that certain internet providers will soon charge a fee to those who want their websites to have faster loading times. The Rock the Net Campaign, an advocacy group composed of lesser known artists, is now being backed by the Future of Music Coaliation, which is supported by the likes of R.E.M. This begs the question- are ISPs going too far in their quest to generate more profit?"
Real Time Strategy (Games)

Submission + - The World's Most Realistic Virtual Reality Room

Lucas123 writes: "Iowa State University's Virtual Reality Applications Center is completing a $5 million upgrade to its six-sided virtual reality room, which will now sport 100 megapixels of resolution. Besides serious research, like viewing data from as many as 22,000 genes at once and training soldiers in urban combat, the room offers some cool games. The upgrades include a Hewlett-Packard computer cluster featuring 96 graphics processing units, 24 Sony digital projectors, an eight-channel audio system and ultrasonic motion tracking technology."
Data Storage

Submission + - Terabyte-Capacity Optical Disc Demoed

An anonymous reader writes: Various sources report on a technology demo of the 'TeraDisc' by Israeli startup Mempile, where 100 layers of data were recorded and read back on a single optical disc. Recording and readback are achieved by 2-photon absorption, and a DVD-sized, removable, 1 TB-capacity WORM disk is promised in 2010. And that's only with a red laser!

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