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Comment there's another word for carbon trapping (Score 4, Insightful) 319

oxygen production. plankton are the foundation of the ocean ecosystem. i'm a lefty, but this seems like a win win. change will happen. but no more than when we make hydroelectric dams that drastically change the water temperature so all of the indigenous fish die and have to be replaced with colder water species. and these types of changes are justified every day. I really don't see a problem with this. let's do a study to see what happens when we offer fish more food. you get more fish.

Comment Ray (Score 1) 315

Having been an avid scifi fan since 5th grade, Ray Bradbury was up there with my favorites of Heinlein, Herbert, and Asimov. Everytime I hear "Major Tom", I think of a short story by Ray Bradbury.

Comment Re:Cant stop a moving train (Score 1) 234

Here's a solution. Once this passes, everyone cancel their internet service. All of it. Use work internet because we don't pay for it, but cancel all of our residential internet. Instead of blacking out the internet, we just quit the internet. An internet not worth browsing is marginally different than no internet.

Comment depends on what you call privacy (Score 2) 195

If I post something to an online site and I allow them to save cookies, then it's my fault if they find out demographic information on me. That I can handle. If I subscribe to a free email account and they mine that information for demographic information, I guess I'm okay with that. It's free. If either of those companies sell that information to the government to keep better tabs on me, it's my fault for using free online services. If they tap my phones or spy in my residence, that is a breach of privacy. The other is a breach of private non-critical data.

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