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Comment Re:So what about the OS? (Score 1) 385

no, because the subject of the article lost his license to play the game when he used a external hack program

OK, this is a scary thing. This would effectively allow software vendors to attach copyright infringement penalties to EULA violations. Nevermind if you bought it legally. If you do something that violates the EULA, you have infringed their copyright.

Comment Re:Judges lean towards protecting the little guy . (Score 1) 758

Not quite. Judges often consider reasonableness, public interest and the relative sophistication of both parties. When one party is a company with a legal team and the other party is Joe Consumer judges often lean towards protecting the little guy when the deal is an un-negotiated take-it-or-leave it one.

Except in this case. This ruling by judges is in direct opposition to protecting the little guy. They have ruled that an EULA is enforceable on someone that never even agreed to the EULA.

Comment Re:Customer Service (Score 1) 370

I have all three. This is because T-Mobile has very good service in my area. T-Mobile has very good rates, no extra tethering charges for my BlackBerry, and excellent customer service.*

* To clarify, some T-Mobile stores seem to be going down in the quality of their reps. The last time I was in a T-Mobile store looking for a new headset for my wife, I had to explain to the rep that the headset he handed me had the wrong size connector. However, some T-Mobile stores are run by dealers and not the company. A couple years ago, I was thoroughly impressed by the competence of the reps at a particular store. I found out it was a corporate store. I would have gone there, but it was much farther away and we happened to be across the street from this other one. Every time I've dealt with a T-Mobile direct employee, I've had VERY good service.

Comment Re:not going to work (Score 2, Insightful) 288

But the general public won't buy the alternatives. The mass computer-using public has only heard "photoshop" to the point it's a verb not unlike google. Most people will want to get Photoshop because everyone knows that's how you edit pictures. Anything else just sounds like the salesman trying to sell some cheap crap. When the average non-techie computer user looks for Photoshop and sees it for over $600, they won't look for alternatives to purchase. They'll find their nearest computer nerd friend who can get a pirated copy. Everyone uses computers these days. The non-tech people that use computers follow the marketing and mass media: The iPod is the first digital music player ever, any other kind is someone trying to copy Apple. Google is the first search engine, bing is the new guy. Photoshop is the only way to edit digital pictures, anything else won't do it right.

We tech people know there are viable alternatives, but the general public don't. Hence there is a valid question to be asked if the "mainstream" marketed software would do well to have affordable alternatives. How many people would buy a legal copy of Office if the new version of Word, Excel, and Power Point could be bought for a reasonable price? (Historically, this was not the case, but MS did release a 3 license pack of Office 2007 that was only Word, Excel, and Power Point for home users priced sub $200.) Software Piracy could likely dramatically drop if the "household name" products were priced at better price points.

Comment Re:Silly (Score 1) 377

You'll get sued for playing the "Non-Pronoun" rules with the "Pronoun" version of the game. Since you purchased the "Pronoun" version, you are only licensed to play that version of the game. If you wish to play using the "Non-Pronoun" rules, you must purchase that version of the game.

Is it scary that this actually sounds possible?

Comment Re:Pro / cons (Score 1) 2424

There's a lot of truth in this. Republican vs Democrat has become a blind faith religious battle. There's less and less that's different between the two parties, yet each blames the other for the same things. There's no longer any debate or discussion involving issues. It's entirely polarization based on labels that only attacks the other side with semi incoherent rants.

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