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Comment Re:The Omlette (Score 1) 196

I quoted a Slashdot doc related to moderation earlier in the 'conversation'. But when you get right down to it, who's going to read a bunch of lame doc, dating (mostly) back to 2000, which isn't even *internally* consistent?

Last October I had to tell them that their links re: how to advertise on the site referred to Web sites that didn't exit!

"http://slashdot.org/faq/advertising.shtml#ad100 has a link to:
click it, and I get:

"An error occurred while loading http://slashdot.org/advertising.shtml:
Could not connect to host www.osdn.com."

Should www.osdn.com point to www.newsforge.com? That's where a traceroute ends up.

I like doc to actually mean something, too. But the people that run this place simply aren't competent.

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