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Comment Re:cutting drivers pay can end up badly (Score 1) 139

Most pizza delivery motorcycles have a large enclosed box on the back that can hold a stack of pizzas. It's thick, insulated, plastic and so keeps them warm. You seem to be missing the grandparent's 'like the rest of the world' comment when you say that motorcycles 'just wouldn't work'. They do in a lot of places...

Comment Re:RIP Google, 2014? (Score 3, Interesting) 185

Given the amount of effort that Microsoft puts into killing competitors, and the hostility between Apple and Google, I'm surprised that IE and Safari don't come with ad blocking out of the box. Making sure IE users never saw Google ads would would hurt Google's revenues a lot more than anything else Microsoft has done.

Comment Re:compensation (Score 1) 192

As I recall, the FDIC limit protects individuals, not accounts. You are insured up to that limit as the total of all of your accounts, not per account. You'd need to split your money between different banks. Even then, the FDIC payout isn't immediate, so you still have the problem of companies losing liquidity.

Comment Re:compensation (Score 2) 192

Most people don't, but most companies do. The FDIC limits are pretty low and it's quite easy for a month's payroll for a medium-sized company to be over it. How many people would have suffered if their employers had suddenly not had enough liquid capital to cover their salary? How many businesses would have closed if they'd been unable to purchase anything for a few months?

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 2) 289

Most cybersecurity jobs are in the private sector and don't require security clearance. They're related to ensuring that commercially sensitive information stays private (employees don't wander off with copies, competitors don't hack in, and so on). A lot of it is the same sort of task as the non-cyber variant: checking that the systems you think are secure really are, investigating when they're not, designing policies to make sure that they remain so if they are.

Comment Re:PM? Which country (Score 1) 201

Slashdot is not edited, it is user submitted snippets of info with links back to the source, more about the discussion of the subject than journalistic skills

Last time I had a story accepted, it was edited. By which I mean they deleted random bits and introduced a typo. If they're going to modify things, they could at least improve them...

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