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Comment Re:One word: Lawsuits (Score 1) 253

I use a standard 4 channel home security recorder and mount a couple of standard home security cameras. Usually at least one over the rear view mirror, facing forward, and one facing to the rear.

The DVR, like most others, is 12V so it is trivial to wire into the system so it comes on automatically. With a 500MB drive, it keeps about two weeks of recordings.

The whole setup runs under 200 USD, 100USD for the DVR and about 35USD each camera.

I haven't caught anything exciting, but I did recently "shame" a local law enforcement officer who accused me of not fully stopping. I simply pointed to the camera and he told me to move along.

Comment Re:Bad Idea (Score 1) 341

In that case, I am not sure where the threshold of not being able to build from source exists. If I release a 400k line GPL'd project (some 3k source files scattered over 50 directories) _without_ any Makefiles, configure, makefile.am or any of the supporting autotools input, could anyone except for me really compile it from source?

I think the implicit question that has been danced about but not really addressed is whether just plain old source, which is effectively the same as out-dated, unmaintained autotools (or other build) support is really compliant with the GPL. Is it legal for me to improve the source and publish, as obviously required, but at the same time, not publish updated autotools files?

Comment Re:Developers often make poor testers (Score 1) 228

We can spend months developing a new feature on one our embedded systems. Once we are done, one of our company owners will have it broken in under 5 minutes. We call it the "Kevin Bug", aptly named after said owner.

Sometimes we toss an early and intentionally broken feature at him, just to get the Kevin Bug out of the way since that tends to be most stressful stage of the feature cycle.

Comment Re:Yeah...but (Score 0, Troll) 1303

"I can tell you that you simply cannot live at a hamburger flipping salary. How? You cannot even pay rent with that."

Sure one could. Last year, a university (University of Missisippi?, cannot find link) released a study comparing a single parent that held minimum wage jobs vs a single parent that had a degree and a professional job. 15K vs 68K respectively.

Since the "burger flipper" is considered "poor", they qualified for many government programs. Rent subsistence, food stamps, health care, utility assistance, Earned Income Credit, etc. The result was that this class of worker had 38,000 USD of disposable income each year.

Since the professional at 68K does not qualify for any of these programs, their disposable income each year is 34K.

If someone knows the study, please correct my mistakes as I am going from memory.

Comment Re:blackboxes already in most 21st century vehicle (Score 2) 643

I have fore and aft cameras on my vehicle that record when driving. It is fairly easy to setup. A mini camera mounted above the rear-view mirror. Another at the top of the back windshield. I replaced the stock lens on each with wide-angle to get a broader view but it is not as fun to watch the fish-eye results. The feeds are recorded on a vanilla 100 USD 4-channel home security camera system mounted in the trunk. Replaced the hard drive with an SSD and slightly modified to run off DC only. Spent about 225 USD on the entire system.

Nothing much to get excited about that has been recorded. Bad drivers, people running red lights, etc. Just waiting for the day to catch something awesome.

Comment Re:Consumer Reports -- more objective source (Score 1) 698

I have one alternative. Hunting stores. I recall hearing a spot done on the radio by a popular consumer advocate some time ago mentioning that some of the exact same hearing aids are also available at hunting stores, as low as $49.

This blurb is is older than the when I heard it but gives you the general idea:


The spot I heard mentioned the store line named Gander, which apparently the audiologist industry is try to get banned from them doing so. Sorry no source.

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