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Comment Re:It's a trap (Score 2) 110

The private sector is currently in a race of its own to make getting to space more practical daily

I read an editorial with the last few days that took the view that the privatized space industry is nothing more than a hobby for starry-eyed billionaires who are willing to sink vast fortunes into it with no prospect of an actual ROI.

Is there actually an in-the-black economy out there, beyond communication satellites?

Comment Re:I'm still waiting on flying cars (Score 3, Insightful) 110

Yes, mining asteroids sounds like a nice plan. But much like flying cars, I do not see it happening any time soon. But fuck, it's great to talk about, isn't it?

NASA is trying to rationalize its existence. Most of the public isn't interested in progress in science, but the promise of money makes us drool.

Of course, any resulting money would go to whoever gets to market the metals, and the public would get nothing but the bill for bootstrapping it.

If we want the Federal government to boost the economy, we should think more top-down, and ask "where could we invest this amount of money to produce the most bang for the buck?". I'd be more in favor of policies that promote manufacturing, since our economy is rapidly converging toward nothing but flipping hamburgers and gambling on the stock market.

Comment Re:This will happen (Score 1) 110

TFA is light on details as to *what* mineral would be mined and how it would all be economically viable.

I'm guessing that the stuff we're running short of would not be readily available in asteroids.

And bringing in an asteroid-load of other stuff might make the prices plummet, which might have a big impact on the economics of fetching it.

Comment Re:Swirlies? (Score 1) 54

Dunno if you ever noticed, but the "let there be light" happened *before* the sun, stars and planets were created...

Where did that light come from?

The light was created in transit, to create the image of a universe older than it really is. Thus the stars and stuff could be created later.

The trick was making sure there wasn't an observable glitch when the post-creation light arrived behind the pre-created light.

Comment Re:markup should remain (Score 1) 55

Wikitext is the most awful thing ever. It is barely computable. It provably can't be put into EBNF. Large chunks of it are literally defined as "whatever the PCRE lib in PHP happens to do". It is so horrible it has literally delayed a proper visual editor for Wikipedia by several years. We now have a visual editor that barely works after a huge amount of money and resources have been poured in. The only reason it hasn't been thrown away is that we have ten billion words of legacy content that has to keep working.

tl;dr a markup language is a nice idea, but MediaWiki wikitext is quite possibly the worst possible example and oh if only we could set it on fucking fire.

Comment Re:Big disappointment (Score 1) 197

After looking through the blueprints I couldn't find anywhere designated for a Stargate. Bummer.

On the bright side, that is one more rumor that can be laid to rest.

Of course. They're building this as the studio for faking the Mars landings. They're not going to blow it by going low-budget this time around.

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